Friday, May 31, 2013

Back to TCC Bugis again

We are back at TCC! My sista's husband has a 50% birthday voucher to be utilized before expiry on end May. We chose Bugis for the convenience of the birthday boy. The decor didn't change and the noisy blender didn't change as well (check my previous post).

GSS promotions

For drinks I ordered twice, Raspberry Orange Iced Tea and Lychee Jazz. The Raspberry drink was good while the Lychee drink was tasteless soda with 2pcs of lychees..not nice.

Raspberry Orange Iced Tea $7.00++

Lychee Jazz $6.60++

I ordered a different salad to try today...Kimchi Prawn was delish! The kimchi prawns were very well marinated and the greens was refreshing.

Kimchi Prawn Salad $13.00++

For main dish, I picked the Ocean Sur'fin which I raved about during my previous visit. It tasted good but portion kinda shrank a little...different chef maybe? Nevertheless, I did enjoyed this complains.

Ocean Sur'fin $23.00++

Our usual practice of ordering appetizers for sharing...this time we chose Potato Wedges w/ Melted Cheese Dip and Mentaiko Shrimp Martini (our all time fave). The potato wedges was nicely done...crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. I'm not a fan of cheese dips so no comments on that. The Shrimp martini met our expectations as usual.

Mentaiko Shrimp Martini $11.80++

Potato wedges $9.90++

Some other drinks and dishes my friends had were...

Crimson Duet $7.80++

Bisque of Forest Mushroom Soup $10.00++

Clam Chowder soup $10.00++

Ribeye Steak $32.00++

And last but not least I ordered a new dessert to try...Puffy Triplets, three profiteroles with rich chocolate ice-cream atop a fine almond-espresso financier. The puffs and ice cream were good accept the espresso brownie cake at the bottom was pretty hard and dry. Overall still a good sweet treat.

Puffy Triplets $12.50++

Service today was unusually slow, we were being informed of a likely long wait for food of at least 20mins for main dishes. We had a change of tables and I guess the serving staffs got confused and delivered the dishes to the wrong table a couple of times. I had to place order with the same guy twice to get my second drink. They keyed in one Clam chowder instead of two we ordered. And, my friend's 'medium rare' steak arrived 'well done' and she had to request for a change and waited for another 20mins. Hmm not so good...

TCC Bugis Junction (Main Boutique)
80 Middle Road #01-92-96 Bugis Junction, S188966
Tel: 6837 2027

Sunday to Thursday & Public Holidays - 8.30am to 11pm
Friday, Saturday & Eve of Public Holidays - 8.30am to 1.30am

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Japanese tidbits

My friend's back from another Jap biz trip and has gotten us new stuffs to try...

Assorted KitKat flavors..

Passion fruit flavor KitKat...nice!

Sakura Matcha KitKat...not bad.

And a traditional Kyoto biscuit with modern twist...Chocolate Yatsuhashi biscuit (Matcha flavor). Yatsuhashi is a cinnamon flavored snack that is soft and had similar texture as Mochi. The cinnamon flavored biscuit is nice on its own but tasted weird when paired with matcha chocolate...I can't seem to wrap my mind around that idea. Nonetheless they do have a very nice packaging for visitors to buy back as souvenirs.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Hi Tea at Museo @Quayside Isle, Sentosa Cove

My friends and I bought a Groupon deal ($35nett for weekend Hi tea at Museo U.P. $48++). Since there is only one seating (1.30pm - 5pm) for weekends, we made our reservation way back in Mar to secured seats. Museo is located at Quayside Isle at Sentosa Cove, not a very public transport friendly place but definitely a sanctuary away from the bustling city area. Arriving here immediately puts us in a relaxing and laid back holiday mood.

There are many international restaurants here that offers waterfront dining experience. Museo is located at the 2nd level above the Picotin bistro.

Entrance/lobby area with high ceiling...

Cool ceiling lighting 

Dining area at level 2.

Art jamming area behind the bar 

Our table with waterfront view. It is the sofa type seat where diners take off their shoes and relax over a cup of tea/coffee...if you don't need to get up for food that is.

Sofa seats 

Table setting 

Bathtub planter decor

We initially find it cumbersome to get in and out to get our food from the buffet stations. But once our tummy are filled, it is really quite relaxing to laze and sip tea while enjoying the view outside...

The buffet spread...not a huge selection of food but food quality is very good. Their signature dish Roast pork belly (sio bak) gets snapped up pretty fast!

Soup & salad station 

Buffet station 

Roast pork belly 

Chicken & pork sausages 

Tuna tataki 

Shrimp & fruits salad

Salad station 

Dessert station, also limited choices, some are nice some are not so nice..

Dessert station 

Cream puffs 

Green tea mousse cake

Chocolate swiss roll 


Chocolate fountain 


My food choices...I ate 3 rounds, all of them contains sio bak. The pork belly is roasted just right, has 2/3 lean meat and 1/3 fat plus super crispy skin....heavenly! Their fresh prawns and Cajun chicken chop are also very nice. If you eat beef, my friends are also raving about their roast beef dish.

Cold pasta

Shrimp & fruit salad 

Roast pork belly 

Cajun chicken chop

Tuna tataki

For desserts, I had the mango mousse cake, green tea mousse cake, chocolate swiss rolls and cream puff. I liked the chocolate swiss roll and mango cake. For fruits, I had the rock melon and water melon...the rock melon is super sweet!

Chocolate swiss rolls 

Mango mousse cake 

Green tea mousse cake 

Cream puff 


The highlight of this restaurant had to be their Arteastiq tea. I had one round of cold fruit tea and two rounds of hot tea and a cup of hot chocolate. Their hot beverages were really lovely :)

My drinks choices...

Drinks menu 

French rose tea...very fragrant!

Biscotti & sugar cubes accompanying the tea set 

Mint lemongrass tea...nice!

Hot chocolate...thumbs up!

Cold fruit tea...lychee & pear tea

My friend's order...

Chamomile mint tea

Lychee tea friend said it tasted like Kopi-gao.

This restaurant has outdoor dining area for people who need to breathe 'extra oxygen'.

Overall we really enjoyed the dining experience here. The service was good, prompt and friendly. Dishes were cleared regularly, ice water was refilled without asking. Food at buffet stations were replenished fast...especially for their popular dishes. The buffet price includes unlimited order of non alcoholic drinks. We find that it is really worth the price we paid.

Museo, Art on the isle, Restaurant.Barroom

Quayside Isle (Next to W Hotel)
31 Ocean Way, #01-22 (Access available via Level 1 & 2 )
Sentosa Cove, Singapore 098375

Tel - 6734 8066

Monday to Thursday, 2pm to 1am
Friday, Saturday & PH Eve, 1:30pm to 2am
Sunday, 1:30pm to 1am