Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hi Tea at Landing Point, Fullerton Bay hotel

Met up with girl friends to try out the much rave about afternoon tea at Landing Point restaurant. They are having a purple themed X'mas decor...nice!

This place was formally the Clifford pier (红灯码头), now converted into a hotel. This path leads to the chinese restaurant Lantern. Some oriental decor on both sides..

The Landing Point is on the right side of the entrance...

Nicely decorated place with tall ceiling, plush sofa and scenic seaview..

Some of the afternoon tea seating arrangements..

More seating at the bar area...if this place is fully booked, you'll be offered to sit at the bar.

Our table setup with X'mas decor..

There is a selections of cold/hot coffee and TWG tea. I chose the Silver moon, some of my friends ordered ice latte and ice fruit tea..

After sometime, the much awaited 3 tier goodies arrived. We had a X'mas menu due to the festive season. Top and bottom tier are sweet items and middle tier has a range of savory items.

The 4 items on top are hazelnut cream choux pastry, orange choco opera cake, madeleines and cinnamon creme brulee choc tart.

At the middle, there are turkey wrap, onion quiche, salmon cone (no lobster :( ), egg mayo toast, cheese biscuit, parma ham burger, smoke salmon & cucumber sandwiches.

Bottom tier has cinnamon macaroon, mince pie, x'mas fruit cake and butter cookie.

Some of my food choices...the best sweet item is the cinnamon creme brulee choc tart...thumbs up! I also liked the hazelnut cream choux pastry...not too sweet and the puff is soft. The orange choco opera cake is not bad but sweet, the madeleines are too sweet. The macaroon is nice and light and not too sweet, the mince pie and fruit cake is disgusting sweet. Butter cookie was alright.

The savories are more popular with the girls, we had multiple servings of turkey wrap, salmon sandwich, egg mayo toast, onion quiche and the cheesy biscuits..the salmon cone is quite good but they didn't replenish often and we had to ask for it, so was the yummy creme brulee tart..

During the tea, some items not on the menu was served...there is raspberry cream cake in a shot glass, mont blanc cake and mini choc log cake...we were very full by then and only tasted the sour/sweet raspberry was not bad.

Scones were served warm and wrapped in a napkin, and were pretty much neglected during our tea session..

We had a nice time catching up over tea and yummy finger food here. The service here was very good, ambience was nice, food was generally good. We paid $46 per pax after 10% discount using UOB verdict is it is worth the price to dine here.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dining experience at Chef D' Table

Its my friend's birthday and she picked this restaurant for her birthday celebration venue. We managed to book the private dining room (max capacity 14pax). I've made a request for a complimentary birthday cake for my friend during the phone booking. The restaurant did not call me on the day itself to reconfirm my booking. We realised why when we arrived, this place does not have weekend crowd...we saw only 3 other couples dine here for the entire night.

Chef D' Table is tucked away in a corner of Chijmes...

Simple and clean decor inside the restaurant...alfresco dining area also available.

Our private room and table settings...

The menu has only two pages...everything else you have to ask the waiting staff..
The set menu is not listed here, we were offered 4 courses set dinner that includes a cold pasta starter, a mini lobster bisque soup, choice of mains (angus beef or kurobuta pork) and a mystery dessert platter. Some of us who weren't fans of beef or pork were offered an option to change to a fish their are flexible with the menu.

Free flow of homemade bread and pesto spread...the bread is warm, soft and has a crispy crust..thumbs up! We asked for more in between waiting for dishes.

Some starters we ordered...cold seafood pasta, tofu with mushroom sauce..

The cold pasta is very springy and prawns were fresh...yum. Didn't taste the tofu friend's order. The winner starter of the day has to be the Foie gras with lobster omelette...we ordered another two dishes for sharing!

The lobster bisque is served in a mini espresso cup...tasted ok.

My mains order is Chilean is fresh and cooked just right. One of my friends has a thicker fillet..some part of her fish is not properly cooked...the waiter promptly offered to change it.

Some other mains my friends had were...angus beef, kurobuta pork and duck leg confit. No complains from my friends for these it should be good.

There is a long wait inbetween dishes...we suspect that all mains were prepared by their head chef Jason. We went for toilet breaks, asked for more bread to kill time...

After much anticipation, the mystery dessert platter finally arrived! It sure looks impressive...

On the big platter, we have choc fondant (aka lava cake) with vanilla ice cream, lychee pannacotta, tiramisu, orange creme brulee & a separate dish with coconut sago pudding...all desserts are good and the winner dessert has to be the choc fondant cake...extremely delish!!

Look at the flowy lava choc....

My friend got a complimentary choc fondant cake with birthday blessing & a candle...she's a happy girl.

That ends our dinner on a high what was the damage? We paid an average of $80 per pax. It could have been slightly cheaper if we weren't sorta misguided into ordering their 'still' water...we thought it was normal ice water but it was infact an atas imported italian spring water Acqua is a hefty $12 per 1L bottle and we had 4.5 litres of it faintz..

Overall experience here is still good...good food, great service..nice and cozy ambience...highly recommended for an occasional splurge..