Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fast Food Chains in Switzerland

I usually try not to eat at restaurants or fast food chains that is commonly available in SG while on vacation. But that applies only to countries where local food are affordable, in an expensive country like Swiss, fast food is one of the cheaper options that wouldn't break the bank. So what I do is to order food that is designed for the locals instead of the usual staples on the menu.


Macs in Zermatt

Hello Kitty toys w/ Happy meal purchase 

Most burgers are priced below CHF10 each (Ala Carte), and cost about CHF12-16 for a combo meal (Medium fries & soft drink). I ordered the seasonal The Chicken Club (meal CHF13.90) from the Signature Line (developed in collaboration with Chef René Schudel), while hubby had The Prime (meal CHF15.90). 

The Chicken Club w/ chicken breast, bacon & hot tomato aioli sauce

The Prime burger w/ 180g Swiss prime beef patty

The burgers are of good size, lavished with generous ingredients. My chicken club burger was very delish, hubby said the same for his beef burger too. The drinks and fries are also quite big portion, we couldn't finish them all in the end. So on our subsequent visit, we ordered only one combo meal and add on an ala carte burger, which turns out to be a good arrangement.

We visited Macs a couple of times throughout our trip. We had takeaway snacks and desserts, and also hanged in the McCafe on our last day in Zurich. There are two items that we ordered repeatedly, the 5pc Fried chicken wings CHF5.40 and the M&M McFlurry (CHF2.90 for mini, CHF3.90 for standard).

Mini McFlurry & Standard McFlurry

Crushed M&M candies w/ vanilla ice cream

I absolutely adored the M&M McFlurry, I liked it better than the Oreo ones we have in SG. My Macs expert friend said we used to have it many years ago but it wasn't popular so they took it out of the menu...duh. 

Another snack we like to order is the fried chicken wings, the wings were crispy, well marinated and flavorful. We had it as ala carte order and also in a share box.

Share Box CHF15.90 for assortment of 4 snacks

Comes w/ 3 types of sauces 

Shrimps, chicken fillet, nuggets & wings. The nuggets were very hard!

Garlic chili from SG!

We ordered these two fave items again on our last day at the McCafe! 

Mocha  & Caramel Espresso CHF4 - 6

Other than McDonald's, international brands like Burger King, Starbucks etc. can be found at major cities. I haven't seen any KFC in Swiss though.

Wasabi Sushi Bento Bar
This is a local Japanese fast food chain in Geneva with 11 outlets located in the city center and sub urban area. They provide delivery services too. What is important about this eatery is that they serve freshly prepared hot food after 6pm. Refer to their menu displays and order at the cashier, and then wait for the food to be served at the table.

Hot food menu served from 6pm daily 

Wakame CHF3.80

Don buri (rice bowls) and Noodles soup are priced at CHF13.80 and Bento sets (w/ miso soup) from CHF16.50-20.50. I had Udon soup w/ Tempura and hubby ordered the Teriyaki Chicken don.

The tempura wasn't very authentic but overall taste was acceptable. If you need a quick Asian food fix, this place is a good option though, and wallet friendly too (for Swiss standard).

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