Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dinner at Tontei Pork Restaurant

This restaurant has a concept similar to the Tonkichi, they specialised in Pork dishes and had wide selection of pork cutlets and pork related dishes. I had a Ichiban voucher that will be expiring could be utilised at any Ichiban concept outlets accept Kuriya Dining and Kuriya Penthouse. After checking out their promo menus, I decided to dine at Tontei.

Lotsa bamboo were used as the main decor theme. The restaurant isn't very big so their design concept was kept simple and functional.

For today's drink, I chose the Mango Delight soda $4.60++ with a scoop of vanilla ice looks pinkish in color but really tasted like mango juice when I sip it. Nice and refreshing!

For main meal, I picked the Hakata Fu Cabbage Nabe set $19.90++ that consists of pork belly slices, hard boiled egg, tofu, mushroom and cabbages in a hotpot filled with Hakata styled soup. It is served with fried breaded mini scallops, chawanmushi, miso soup, appetizer, rice and fruit.

The impressive looking set meal...

How it looks like when the pork belly is cooked and ready to be served...

Pork belly dipping sauce

The pork belly dipping sauce is actually katsu sauce with some peanut bits...goes well with the pork belly slices. The Hakata soup is very flavorful with bits of porky goodness floating on the surface. The assorted veggies and egg were fresh and a delight to eat.

The mini breaded scallops were nice but the scallops were a bit tiny, however the breaded coating was well done and super crispy...overall still good. The chawanmushi is not bad, smooth and light with mushroom and prawn meat inside. The cucumber appetizer was refreshingly crunchy. The miso soup and fruit were pretty standard affair.

Service here was prompt and complains. And, this sums up my pretty satisfying dinner!

Tontei Pork Restaurant

23 Serangoon Central, Nex #B1-79
Singapore 556083

Tel: 66347116

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