Friday, January 31, 2014

Macau trip Day 6, Last day

There's no planned sightseeing for today, we will be splurging a little bit for a good lunch at the 456 Modern Shanghai Cuisine before we leave. Again, I found this restaurant via food blogger shootfirsteatlater. Hubby and I were both singing praises for the food after the meal. This place is definitely a must try for visitors to Venetian! More details here.

We did some last minute shopping at Koi Kei again before returning to our room to pack up. 

As we were walking out to the main lobby for checking out, we saw mascots doing their rounds at Venetian. Other than the usual Venice themed ones, there's also Xmas themed mascots too.

Check out process was smooth, we hopped on the hotel shuttle to airport which is only a few minutes ride. There was still some time before the boarding gate opens, so I walked around the departure hall and shopped for Xmas pressie for my upcoming Xmas gift exchange.

Finally, its time to go home...bye bye Macau, we may be back again some time in the future.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Macau trip Day 5, Tap Seac Square & Galaxy Macau

Rainy day again...its been raining for the pass 3 days! Temperature has plummeted drastically and when we talk, smoke comes out of our mouth...

We started the day with lunch at a small shop where HK celebs like to go for Crab porridge, 皇冠小館. The boss was in, he welcomed and ushered us swiftly to our seats. He suggested their signature Crab porridge and Crispy white baits, while I asked for the Prawn roe noodle to complete the meal.

The boss and his photos w/ celebs 
Food was not bad but a little pricey for their signature dishes though. Staffs are friendly too.

After filling up our tummies, we proceeded to walk to the Guia cable car station to catch a ride to the Guia Lighthouse. We stopped by the Tap Seac Square for a quick photoshoot en route to the cable car station.

When we finally got to the cable car station, the staffs there informed us that the cable car has stopped operations due to bad weather. We braved the rain and cold for nothing...sad!

Since we couldn't get to the lighthouse, we had to drop this itinerary and proceed to the next destination, Galaxy hotel for afternoon tea. We managed to get a taxi to Galaxy!

The Fortune Diamond show at the lobby..

We had our afternoon tea at the Cascades cafe, its nice and relaxing to sip tea here in a cold rainy afternoon. Food and service was good, read more about it here.


They have very pretty custom made Xmas chocolates and pastries on sale here...

After tea, we walked around the Galaxy to check out the happenings here..two encounters with hotties randomly appearing for guests to take photos with.

We walked back to Venetian to rest our feet. In the evening, we went to Taipa again to get more stuffs from Koi Kei.

We settled our dinner at the Foodcourt one last time, and did some sightseeing at the Grand Canals after 10pm. Shops were closed and crowds has dispersed...good opportunity to take pictures!

This is an exact replica of the Venetian in Las Vegas...NICE!!

We ended Day 5 late at 11pm+. Tomorrow will be our last day in Macau, we had late check out at 2pm so we KIV the packing till then. Time to zzzzz..