Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Must buy souvenir in Macau, Pastelaria Koi Kei 鉅記手信

For all visitors to Macau, the must buy souvenir had to be Koi Kei Bakery's sweet treats. There are numerous Koi Kei outlets located at all tourists sights. At Venetian alone, there are 3 outlets. However, we bought most of our loots from the store at Taipa village (10mins walk along sheltered walkways). Tip, everything here is a few dollars cheaper than Venetian stores, buy more save even more!

On the tiny street of Rua do cunha, Koi Kei planted two outlets to cater to the crowd. We patronized the red store, where there's a replica push cart featured on 巨輪 (TVB drama) and the lead actor Edwin Siu's live size poster :D

Their top selling products are their premium quality Almond cookies. However, we asked for Peanut candies instead and the sales person immediately fished out the famous 羅信記花生糖! There are two flavors available, original and black sesame, both were awesome...filled up our basket with some of each. Then we asked about the Phoenix rolls (my fave), tasted samples and decided to buy the handmade ones. Pork jerky, tasted samples again...bought two flavors too. And, we ended up with these...

I think we spent over 200 bucks here. And, on our last day we bought a few more boxes of Phoenix rolls cos we plan to give away as gifts. No time to go Taipa, so we bought from the store beside the 456 restaurant.

We ended up with these to lug home.

First item we attacked...Phoenix rolls w/ seaweed MOP85 at Taipa, MOP106 at Venetian (see the difference?).

This is soooo delish...sweet, cripsy and crumbly toasted crepe with savory pork floss and seaweed wrapped within. It is hard to describe how awesome this is, you must try it to believe it!

Then we tried the Peanut candies. Koi Kei's boss insisted using premium quality peanuts and the candies rocks! It is super fragrant and crunchy unlike the usual ones we had...thumbs up!

Hubby lost the receipt so I only have the price of the Sesame peanut candies MOP45 at Taipa, MOP56 at Venetian.

Some other variants of Almond cookies we bought apart from the original flavor ones...pork floss & egg yolk cookies. My Almond cookie reviews here.

Redbean soft cake MOP8 at Taipa, MOP10 at Venetian. This is very nice and soft. Do consume this within 3 days as they don't contain preservatives and will turn moldy quickly!

Last but not least...for 巨輪 fans, this alley is where 羅威信 first met Rachel! Heehee...

Koi Kei's staffs are all friendly and knowledgeable about their products, and they are very generous with the samples...its always enjoyable to shop there.

Pastelaria Koi Kei 鉅記手信
Taipa Village
Rua do Cunha No.11-13, R/C, Taipa, Macau
TEL:(853) 2882 7458

Rua Do Cunha, No.46-50,R/C, Taipa, Macau
TEL:(853)2882 7839, 2882 7577

Opens till 10pm

742, Market St., Level 3
Shoppes Grand Canal, Venetian Macau
TEL: (853) 2882 8615

Sunday to Thursday 10:00am - 11:00pm
Friday to Saturday 10:00am - 12:00am


  1. May I know if I can order Koi Kei products online? Thank you.

    1. They have a Hong Kong website, you may check whether they deliver to your address. In Singapore, we could buy from their oversea outlet in Chinatown.