Thursday, January 19, 2017

Paradise Hotpot 品樂鍋 - Tea Time Indulgence promo

With the completion of the major revamp works of Compass One, Paradise Group has returned with 3 restaurants opening at level 3 of the mall. Other than Canton Paradise, the other two are new outlets, LeNu and Paradise Hotpot. Paradise Hotpot is a brand new HK style individual hotpot concept offering an impressive range of 14 choices of soup bases.

The restaurant serves a wide variety of fresh ingredients similar to their popular concept Beauty In The Pot, but without the Shark Cartilage soup. Orders are taken via the tablet, many items are available in half or full portion as well.

The soup bases are reasonably priced at $3.50++ to $9.80++ per pot. However, the Ala carte ingredients aren't cheap and could quickly add up to an expensive bill. Try to order half portions and re-order extras if serving is small. Or alternatively, go during off peak hours (Mon - Fri, 3pm - 5pm) to enjoy the Tea Time Indulgence 50% discount on ingredients (excl. soups, drinks & condiments).

Condiments are DIY mix-your-own-sauce concept, the current trend for many steamboat places. There is a $2++ charge per head for the condiments. Ice water is also chargeable at $0.30++ per pax and it's refillable.

The individual hotpots were served in glistening golden pot-holders. The servers will first fire up the pots with a blow torch, then mini pots of soups will be placed over the fire.

Teochew soup $3.50++ & Tomato Sweet Corn soup $3.50++

The soups were really flavorful on its own and the flavor intensifies after cooking a myriad of ingredients in it. When it becomes really salty, it's time to ask for soup refills to dilute the taste.

Fresh Sea Prawns $22++

Lotus Roots (Half) $2.50++, Dace Fish Balls (Half) $4++, Assorted Balls platter $11++ & Shrimp Dumplings (Half) $6++

Cuttlefish Paste $10++ & Ebiko Prawn Paste $12++

Pork Belly slices $14++

Ramen $2.70++ & Tianjin Cabbage (Half) $3++

Sweet Corn (Half) $3++ & Winter Melon slices (Half) $2++

The ingredients are not only fresh but of high quality. My fave are the handmade seafood pastes, the cuttlefish paste was super springy and prawn paste utterly crunchy...amazingly good! The shrimp dumplings are must order as well. Basically, everything we ordered was great, period.

With the 50% discount on ingredients, our original $136 bill was reduced to $74 only, very worth it! We will definitely be back for more steamboat fix as long as the tea time promo is still on. Having said that, during non promo hours, you do enjoy better service. Serving staffs would offer aprons, plastic covers for smartphones and prawn peeling service etc. like at HDL. Overall, it is a great place to go to for good quality steamboat meal, just need to plan your visit according to your budget.

Paradise Hotpot 品樂鍋
1 Sengkang Square, #03-05 CompassOne S545078
Tel: 6386 4838

Mon - Fri 11:15AM–10PM
Sat - Sun 10:30AM–10PM

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Pompompurin Cafe Singapore

Met up with sistas for impromptu tea time at Pompompurin cafe. It's my first time here, this Sanrio theme cafe is much cuter than the Hello Kitty cafe at T3. We liked that there is a Purin plush toy on every table where patrons can take photos with or just cuddle 👍 All Purin characters were dressed in their Autumn gear to match the current season 🍁

If you have a party of 3-4pax try requesting for the 'Tomodachi House' the 'Friends house' booth seats. These are super cute and provide some privacy during meal times.

There are some promotions going on for off peak dining. We're mainly there to try the Afternoon tea set but still ordered mains and drinks as we felt that the tea set wasn't quite enough for 4 of us.

Drinks came first, two of us had the Fruity Garden Mango Juice $11.99++, served with fresh fruits and marshmallows, pretty to look at and tasted good too 👍. One of my sistas had the Autumn exclusive Sunset Fruits Ceylon Tea $9.99++, also very photogenic and tasted good as well. The regular Ice Lemon Tea and Coffee came with the Afternoon tea set, tasted alright.

For mains, I had the Teriyaki Chicken $15.99++, served with boneless chicken and Purin shape rice. It was delicious, chicken was tender and sauce was yummy. My sistas' Cream Baked Rice (w/ Mug) $23.99++, Mushroom Stroganoff $17.99++ and Picnic Plate $24.99++ all had pretty good reviews.

The Afternoon Tea set $49.99++ was served last, comes with 3-tier finger food and desserts, two drinks and two Purin sauce dish for patrons to bring home. Most of the food items were not really nice, more for photo taking purposes only.

We enjoyed our tea time makan here, most dishes were tasty except for the disappointing Afternoon tea set. The restaurant was really cute and staffs were friendly. Would recommend Sanrio fans to come and check it out.

Pompompurin Cafe
#04-08 Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road S238896
Tel: 6509 8672

Opening Hours:
Daily 11am – 10.30pm

Bought my fave macarons from Annabella Patisserie pop up store at Waterway Point...yum yum!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Café Singapore

Many months after its high profile opening, I eventually got a chance to check it out. I'm there mostly to enjoy the unique orchid garden theme atmosphere and have a cup of coffee while waiting for my departure flight at T3.

Well, the ambiance is beautiful, flowers and all, but what it lacks is the cuteness that most of the other Hello Kitty cafes have. The open concept design meant that there's no pastel pink and blue furniture, cutesy feature walls, kitty shape windows and doorways, lovely sofa and cushions etc. for more varied photos opportunities.

Food wise, we were there at 2am on a Sat morning and they served a limited menu with a handful of main courses, desserts and drinks. Hubby and I ordered a coffee each and shared an ice cream dessert. The coffee and ice cream were fine, overpriced but alright.

Cappuccino $5.90++

Ice Caramel Latte $7.00++

Kitty Split $18.50++

Due to its out of the way location, I believe this would be my first and probably last visit to Hello Kitty cafe Singapore. No chance to try other food on the menu.

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Café
65 Airport Boulevard, Singapore Changi Airport
#01-22, Terminal 3 Arrival Meeting Hall Central
Singapore 819663

Tel: 6241 6127

Hours: Open 24 hours