Monday, May 6, 2013

Au Chocolat Bistro & Patesserie @MBS

Late lunch at Au Chocolat after our Gardens by the Bay visit. My friend was crazy about this place and had visited thrice in a short time span. It is actually a huge place with a Bistro for sit down diners, a Patesserie, a Confectionery and a Cafe for coffee n desserts. They sell lotsa choco products and souvenirs too.

The patesserie and their yummy looking desserts.. 

Tarts and buns

Calamansi freind's fave.

Blueberry and earl grey macaron

The chocolate lover's haven...

Biscuits and choco spoons


Liquorice and sweets

The cafe and souvenirs..

The cafe

'OO' plush toys and Daneille's photo frames

'OO' plush toys and chcolate bars

OO & Yu Fa Tees and sweets

Danielle, OO & Yu Fa pens..

And finally the Bistro where we had our lunch..

The choo choo train running above us..

Close up of the moving train..

Our table setting and menu

'Yu Fa' the Pug..

Our food and drink..we ordered truffle fries and mushroom bites to share..both were delish. My huge serving of choco drink was rich n chocolaty...i like! I had the Roast half chicken which tasted alright. My friend's Beef stew was good and the Egg benedict tasted weird with the choco hollandaise sauce.

Frozen hot chocolate...yum yum!

Mushroom bites in wine sauce...nice!

Truffle fries...nice!

Roast half chicken...not bad.

Bouef Bourguigon

Au Chocolat Benedict

And last but not least dessert time...i picked the pink Rose and Lychee macaron. My friends ordered the Chocolate tart and Cookies n cream brownie. My macaron is too sweet and I didn't finish it....the lychee cream was nice though I did managed to eat all the cream. My friend's choc tart has a weird cinnamon taste and she didn't like it. No complains about the Cookies n cream brownie though..

My dessert choice..

Rose n lychee macaron 

The not so chocolaty Choco tart

Cookies n cream brownie 

The total bill came up to be $50 per pax...reasonable pricing for a western restaurant like this. Service is good and responsive. Will come back again to try other stuffs..

Au Chocolat Pte Ltd. 
Bay Level L1-03, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Bistro +65 6688 7227
Confiserie +65 6688 7557

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  1. I will either stick to the Calamansi Tart next time or tey the brownies