Sunday, February 14, 2016

HK Honeymoon Dessert 滿記甜品

After a satisfying dinner at Gyoza-ya, my friend suggested to have dessert at HK Honeymoon Dessert, a popular chain from HK. The smallish eatery wasn't busy yet at around 8pm on a weekday.

The dessert selection here was pretty extensive, many of the mango and fruits items are similar to 許留山, it took me quite a while to narrow down what I wanna eat.

I finally picked a chilled dessert, Mango with Black glutinous rice and Vanilla snow ice. It was really good, mango slices were sweet and the sticky rice was chewy and flavorful. Recommended.

My friend had the Signature Mango Sago Pomelo dessert which tasted great as well.

Sorry, I didn't take note of the prices coz my friend picked up the tab. But majority of the items are priced below $10, so it shouldn't break the bank for most people. If you can't go to HK, it is the best you can get to authentic Cantonese desserts.

HK Honeymoon Dessert 滿記甜品
Paragon, #B1-09, 290 Orchard Road
Singapore 238859

TEL: 67359267


Daily: 10:00 - 22:00

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dinner at Gyoza-Ya 餃子屋 @Paragon

Meeting up with a friend who doesn't have a huge appetite, so I picked this Izakaya style Jap eatery as our casual dinner place. This is the 3rd and newest outlet by the Akashi Group. The restaurant was almost empty at 7pm on a weekday.

We browsed the online menu on the ordering tablet and picked 4 kinds of their specialty gyoza dishes for sharing, and a couple of sides and carbo dishes to add variety.

To start things off, some refreshing drinks, Kuri Lemonade $4.80++ a nice soda with shredded cucumbers, and Earl Grey Ice Lemon Tea $4.80++ which tasted like regular Ice Tea.

Food came pretty quickly from the kitchen after order was sent. The gyoza dishes we had were the original Yaki Pork Gyoza $4.80++, Yaki Mentaiko Gyoza $7.80++, Yaki Ebi Tamago Gyoza $6.80++ and Sui Pork Gyoza $4.80++. Each dish has 5pcs gyoza, great for sharing among friends.

The best gyoza dish in my opinion is still the original pan fried pork gyoza. The crispy base was perfectly executed and pork fillings were moist and flavorful...nice! The mentaiko ones were pretty good too coz I'm a fan of anything topped with mentaiko. The boiled pork gyoza and shrimp gyoza were more light in flavors but still quite decent in terms of taste.

We also tried the popular Jya Jya Men $6.50++, a handmade noodle dish that can be eaten two ways. It was first served dry with minced pork and a special black miso sauce with shredded veggies. We were advised to add some white vinegar and chilli oil and mixed well before consumption.

The dry version tasted good, noodles were al dente and sauce was delicious. Then we saved a small portion for part 2 (as per instructions). Requested the waiting staffs for an egg and boiling noodle water to make it into a soupy dish.

The soup version didn't make an impression though, but it was definitely an interesting dish to try.

Our second carbo dish, Ninniku Yaki Meshi (Garlic Fried Rice) $5.80++, unexpectedly blew us away with its fragrant wok hei and good chewy bite. Love this dish!

Some sides we had were Aburi Burokkori $4.80++, torched broccoli with interesting crisp and smokey aroma, Morokyu $3.80++ crunchy cucumbers with savory miso paste, and Asari Sakamushi $6.80++ steam fresh clams in sake broth. All were rather decent.

Overall, we really enjoyed our dinner at Gyoza-ya. Food quality was very good and prices are pocket friendly. Service was prompt and friendly. I would gladly return again to try other dishes.

Gyoza-ya Paragon
The Paragon, #B1-43, 290 Orchard Road
Singapore 238859
Tel: 62350383

Operating Hours
Mondays - Sundays: 11:30am - 10pm

Other Outlets

Gyoza-ya Heeren
260 Orchard Road, B1-02A Robinsons Orchard
Singapore 238855
Tel: 6737 5581

Operating Hours
Mondays - Sundays: 11:30am - 10pm

Gyoza-ya ION
2 Orchard Turn, #B4-56 ION Orchard
Singapore 238801
Tel: 6509 4647

Operating Hours
Mondays - Sundays: 11am - 10pm