Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dinner at House @Dempsey

Boss initiated a dinner treat to bid farewell to a long service colleague who is quitting her job to look after her family. The venue of choice was House restaurant, a charming old school eatery hidden at the back of the Dempsey cluster of F&B outlets.

Located at a quite and secluded spot surrounded by lush greenery, the spacious building was painted in an eye-catching shade of green (not my kind of green though). The main entrance is an edgy torn down face of a wall. The interior is decorated with an old-school theme with a myriad of mismatched old furniture and fixtures, evoking a feeling of nostalgia.

Check out the old-school flasks at the bar counter...

This place serves up modern Western and Asian fusion delicacies. The Main Menu is designed to be a newspaper with interesting articles on food with catchy 'headlines'. There are ample selections of items in every category, coupled with informative descriptions and large photos. They have two separate menus for drinks and desserts only.

Each of us ordered a drink and boss ordered several main courses for sharing.

My Lemongrass Lychee mocktail $12++. This was a concoction of chopped canned lychees, grinded lemongrass and bits of lemon peels. It was sweet and refreshing with lotsa lychee meat swimming in the glass. I would have preferred that they provide me with a tall spoon for scooping out those lychee meat.

I liked that they put in effort in designing their drinks, all their juices are freshly prepared upon order. My friend's 'The Great C' orange juice $8.50++ was a thick and foamy freshly squeezed juice in a recycled jar.

We had all 4 of their featured fries on our order.

Truffle Taro fries $8++, shoestring sized thin and crispy yam sticks with a hint of truffle flavor. It is incredibly addictive to eat!

Another of my fave, Carrot Fennel fries $9++. This was sweet and crunchy with crispy battered exterior and moist carrot center. It was wiped out in minutes!

The remaining two, Pumpkin Hazelnut fries $12++ and Curry Mustard fries $9++ were over seasoned, robbing away the natural taste of the vegetables.

Curry Mustard fries

Pumpkin Hazelnut fries 

We had two servings of the Fish basket $32++. The serving portion was really small, just 3 prawns, 4-5 calamari rings, 2 tiny fish fillet and a handful of potato wedges for that hefty price tag. The seafood were well marinated and fresh though, we all felt this was way overpriced and nothing fancy.

The Asian Sliders (a.k.a. Kong Bak Bao) $26++, this is one of their signature dishes and it lived up to its name. The braised pork belly were thinly sliced and simmered in special soy sauce broth for long hours till very soft and fully infused with flavor. It was a delight to eat this with the soft and fluffy white buns, the pork belly melted like butter in my mouth, an absolutely divine dish!

We had 2 servings of the Squid Ink Paella $30++ for sharing. This was very delicious as well, the rice was well infused with the squid ink sauce and was very fragrant. The generous amount of sliced garlic gave the rice a very nice bite and aroma. Seafood was fresh as expected...another well done dish.

The Ginger Chicken pizza $24++. Crispy thin crust pizza with an oriental twist, served with chunky chicken meat, mashed hard boiled eggs, crunchy cashew nuts and garnished with rocket leaves, chopped tomatoes and onion. This was a crowd pleaser as well!

If you do visit the loo, do check out the antique furniture that might be on display at the corners...

Service here was decent, waiting staffs were prompt and efficient. Water gets filled up regularly, dishes were cleared without much delays. The ambiance here was fabulous, every corner evokes a slightly different feel so nobody will ever gets bored with this place. Food and beverage was of good quality, with reasonable price tags to boot (accept for the Fish basket). Average spending per head was about $40 after credit card discount, great value for money! I will probably be returning to try their Vintage Hi-tea on weekday afternoons.

House @Dempsey
TEL: 6475 7787




SAT: 11AM – 4PM   SUN : 9AM – 4PM

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