Thursday, September 19, 2013

Choco Cro from St. Marc cafe @Marina Square

I visited Marina SQ twice last week to send in my crappy Samsung laptop for repair and to collect it back two days after. I was attracted to the yummy looking desserts on display when I first walked past the cafe. I remember seeing friends raving about their famous croissants, so I walked in to check things out...

There are two types of croissants available, the signature Choco Cro $2.40 with Dark chocolate filling and the Daifuku strawberry mochi flavor $2.60 ones. Even though there wasn't a queue at the counter, I felt the heat when I was picking up the croissants...they obviously had just came out of the oven. It is as fresh as it can be!

Other than croissants, they have a variety of breads and sandwiches on sale as well.

I bought 3x Choco Cro and 2x Daifuku strawberry packed in a nice pinky box..

Look...there are instructions on how to heat up the croissants using oven/toaster or microwave. A quick check with the staffs there, they advised to consume the croissants within 24hrs.

The individual paper pockets or 5pcs in a box.

Their signature Choco Cro was fabulous! The 20 layers of puff pastry was uber flaky with the outer layer being very crispy. I initially worried that it will be too buttery for my liking but it wasn' is just simply fragrant! The thick slab of dark chocolate in the center was rich and chocolaty...thumbs up.

Choco Cro

20 layers puff pastry!

The Daifuku Strawberry croissant has got strawberry white chocolate, mochi and red bean filling inside. It smells heavenly and tasted heavenly as well. The 3 distinctly flavored ingredient works harmoniously together to produce a uniquely Japanese flavor. Another stellar pastry by St. Marc!

Daifuku Strawberry

My first experience with the Choco Cro was sooo good that I went back again two days after to da bao 10pcs home for supper and breakfast heehee...Do check them out at:

St. Marc Cafe
Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard #02-105/184/185, S039594
Tel: 63352627

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun: 1000 - 2200

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