Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ayam Penyet President & Mooncake fair @Nex

I was at Nex checking out the Mooncake fair and decided to try the food here. This place operates like a typical Indo order and pay at the counter first and wait for the food to be delivered to your table. Since it is considered as self-service, there's no GST and service charges on top of food bill.

Their menu consists of mainly Indo cuisine, desserts & beverages..

Free soup (chicken based) and free flow of sauces for patrons to help themselves with. The soup taste weird though.

My Ayam Bakar $6.50, consists of a 1/4 grilled chicken, tempeh & beancurd. Add $0.80 for white rice.

They gave me chicken breast which I don't like...very dry and hard to swallow. The BBQ sauce drizzled on the chicken and beancurd was good though, sweet and super spicy. 

Tahu Telor $5.50, deep fried tofu with egg...a traditional Indo dish. This was quite nice but a little oily at the bottom. The peanut sauce was quite nice.

Iced Chendol $3.00, this is nice but very very sweet!

I think I will try their fish dishes next time...

Ayam Penyet President
Nex, 23 Serangoon Central #B1-13/14
Singapore 556083

The Mooncake fair at Nex runs from 2Sep - 19Sep. Many famous hotels and bakeries has a kiosk there. I saw Goodwood, Marriott, Peony Jade, Home Favorites, Haagen Dazs etc.

There is an ongoing 15% discount at most stalls for Citibank and TANGs card members. After walking one round, I ended up buying this...

My favorite 咀香園餅家 鳳凰卷!! YUM YUM...

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