Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hotel Splendid at Montreux

We stayed 2 nights at Montreux, and I've picked this hotel for its excellent location (close proximity to train station and boat pier). Getting to the hotel takes only 5mins from the station. The boat pier and Tourist Info center is directly across the street from Hotel Splendid.

This hotel is over 100yrs old, so we are very glad that it has an elevator, albeit a really tiny one (can accommodate 2 adults & 2 luggage only). Our room is #51 located at the 3rd floor, with unobstructed view of the beautiful lake Geneva.

The room has rustic looking wall paper and bed, but don't be fooled, the bed has a remote control and can be adjusted to your preferred angle, similar to those found in the hospitals. And, the flat screen TV is a Samsung 'Smart TV'. The complimentary wifi isn't as strong as we had hoped for though, I keep getting disconnected while using it.

Remote control bed

The bathroom is clean but missing hooks on the door for us to hang our stuffs. They also have a black shower curtain that makes showering a shadowy experience! Weird choice of color for a brightly colored bathroom though.

But this is still better than the open concept bathroom where the toilet bowl is located in the open, can you imagine what will happen when someone poop? Check this pic on tripadvisor - http://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-s/04/38/db/aa/hotel-splendid.jpg

Bathroom with black shower curtain

Amenities, not bad got nail file for ladies 

We do not have a writing desk in the room, but there's a spacious balcony with table and chairs and tall windows overlooking the scenic lake.


Some shots of the lake during sunset...

Shots of night view from balcony..

Look at what we found the following morning...the curtains has holes! Luckily they are not big enough to disrupt our sleep.

Holes on the curtain 

Breakfast is served at the first floor (8-10.30am), where the reception counter is located. The dining area is beautifully renovated with awesome lake view, but I find that the breakfast is the most 'uninspiring' one among the 5 hotels we've stayed for this trip.

There's only one type of bread and one type of croissant served in 3s when you are seated. At the fridge, only one type of ham and one type of cheese to go with the bread, no eggs. We have a choice of hot coffee, tea or chocolate. I ordered hot chocolate but it came as just milk colored with small amount of cocoa powder, I only had two sips and left it alone after that.



lagi sian..


Fridge with limited choices of food inside

Other than ham and cheese, the juices, fresh milk, yogurt and butter are also stored in the fridge. I find it a hassle having to open and close the fridge door multiple times to get them.

The reception counter, and the friendly guy who personally brought us to the bus stop when we asked for directions, instead of just showing us using a map.

Tourist info and maps beside the reception. 

Some shots of the hotel interior, it has an old world charm with antique looking furnishings. If you looked closely, they are mostly old and worn, but as decors, they served their purpose well.


There's a bar at the Ground floor, and it seem quite popular with the locals who like smoking Shisha. I don't know if its low season or what but the bar wasn't noisy at all during the night, the only noise we got was from the traffic and the bus, cos the bus stop is just at our door step.

Hotel Splendid
52 Grand-Rue, Montreux 1820, Switzerland
Tel: +41 21 966 79 79

Directions - At the train station, turn left after exiting the main entrance. Walk for 2-3mins till you see the Post Office (Die Post with yellow logo), then cross the road to this pink/red color building. On the left side of this building is a flight of staircase, don't use it if you have luggage. Instead follow the signage and walk to the end of the building and take the lift down to Grand Rue. From the lift, turn left and walk 1-2mns till you see the hotel entrance.

Lift and stairs beside this building

Take this lift if you have luggage 

Street level at Grand Rue

Street view from bus stop

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