Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cream Puffs from Chewy Junior

I'm always walking pass this shop at Nex that is the first unit at the exit to the NEL MRT station. The cream puffs looks good but I find it too big size and pricey to eat as dessert/snack. Then, last Friday I saw these small boxes containing mini puffs in assorted flavors retailing at $7.90 only for 9pcs, so I bought one box home to try.

Mini gift boxes on the bottom shelf 

The 9 flavors were all pre-packed and customers are limited to choose from the already packed flavors. There are quite a variety to choose from. I chose this cos it looks like there isn't any cheesy flavors that I don't eat.

Mini puffs gift box set 

I could smell the fragrance of the puffs even before opening the turns out that there is one Cheddar cheese flavor puff which I gave to hubby.

9 assorted mini puffs

Choco fudge & caramel 

Double chocolate crunch 

Cheesy cheddar & Peanut butter 

There are two types of cream filling inside the assorted puffs, vanilla & chocolate cream. 

Vanilla cream filling in Strawberry puff 

Chocolate cream filling in Oreo puff 

My fave flavors are the Peanut butter, Double chocolate crunch, Strawberry & Lemon cream puffs. The puffs were slightly chewy on the exterior and very soft and fluffy inside, very nice. The cream filling weren't too sweet, just right for me. Maybe next time I will venture into trying their savory flavors such as Char siew, Curry chicken, Chili crab etc.

Chewy Junior 
NEX, 23 Serangoon Central, #B2-49A, S556083
Tel: 63343710

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun: 1000 - 2200

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