Friday, September 13, 2013

Robatayaki Dining at Hamanoya, Marina Square

Introducing The Dining Edition, a new $15M revamped dining enclave at Marina SQ with 16 mid to upmarket international culinary offerings to entice well traveled diners. Hamanoya, one of the 8 new-to-market brand names made its debut into the SG dining scene, offering Traditional Robatayaki 炉端焼き, a 'Fire-side cooking' dining concept originating from northern Japan where food on skewers are slow-grilled over hot charcoal.

Traditionally, Robata restaurants will have diners gathered around a pit of charcoal fire to enjoy food freshly grill over fire on the spot by chefs. However, this concept has been modified to suit the Singaporean preference of dining in aircon comfort. The food is prepared and grilled at the open-concept kitchen and delivered piping hot to the diners table in a speedy manner.

The restaurant is decorated in a modern chic style with clean lines from wooden, glass & metal furnishings and leather lined seating.

Table setting. The condiments containers are cute..

The menu. Effort has been put into creating a menu with photos (and descriptions) of every item listed in the menu (accept for drinks) so that diners will have a clear idea of what they are ordering. Most of the seafood and meats are freshly imported from Japan on weekly basis to keep the taste authentic.

Once I've settled down at my seat, the waiting staffs served up a hot towel, ice water (upon request), a complimentary item of the day (scallop & squid skewer). Then, they will bring over a tray of fresh imported seafood-of-the-day (not found in the menu) and explained in detail what's on offer for the day.

I've decided to just order from the Ala carte menu. One thing worthy of mention is that the staffs will take orders from you kneeling down so that they can speak with you at eye level...something that I experienced only in Japan! Kudos to the restaurant management who have trained their staffs well.

Now, lets shift the focus to the FOOD.

The complimentary Scallop & Squid skewer. This is lightly marinated with Jap soy sauce and grilled over hot charcoal. The seafood is very fresh and retained its natural flavor.

Grilled Chicken ball with poached egg $4.99++. This was served in a large wooden spoon alongside a perfectly poached egg with runny yolk.

At $5, I expected it to be a smallish serving but I'm wrong, the spoon is pretty huge. The minced chicken meat was well marinated and had generous bits of veggies inside giving it a nice bite. It tastes very good on its own and even better when dipped in the creamy poached egg. Very delish!

Yakikamaboko (Scallop fishcake) $6.99++. This was overcooked, the fishcake is dry and chewy, I couldn't really taste the whole scallop hidden inside...bummer.

Grilled Salmon belly $9.99++. Lightly grilled to perfection without being overcooked, the salmon belly was melt-in-the-mouth goodness retaining its pinkish interior and juiciness. The slightly charred skin added some crisp that completes the divine dish...this is a must try!

Saba Misaki (Grilled Mackerel w/ miso paste) $8.99++. Half slice of a mid size saba grilled till skin is crisp and meat is tender, topped with thick miso paste and chopped scallions. Another well done dish.

I've ordered one portion of udon in plain soup to go with the savory dishes. Inaniwa udon (稲庭うどん) $7.99++ is a thin type of udon variant from Akita Prefecture. It has smooth and springy texture and is a delight to eat with the seaweed in the sweet soy sauce broth.

I had a wonderful dining experience here. Hamanoya offers fabulous food and impeccable service at rather reasonable prices. The 4 savory grilled dishes and a bowl of udon cost me less than $50 including taxes, great value for money! Definitely worthy of multiple visits.

Hamanoya Robata
Marina Square, #02-106
6 Raffles Boulevard
Tel: 6337 4245

Lunch: 11.30am - 3pm
Dinner: 5pm - 10.30pm

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