Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 12, Last day...

Last day...we're required to check out by 11am but took up the hotel's offer of $95 for extension till 5pm cos our flight is 8pm+. The hotel do provide 'Departure rooms' for the convenience of guests who need to stay late so they could still shower and use the toilets after they hit the beach one last time. We decided to pay a bit to hang in our room since it is very shiok and we already 赚到 cos this room cost EUR150 more per nite than the actual room category that we paid for. Went to the hotel boutique n bought some nice postcards.

Took some pics of the Departure rooms..

Must talk a little bit about the airport is a complete CHAOS outside the departure hall. This is becos of the security measure of only allowing passengers to enter (no visitors allowed), so the one n only entrance is crowded to the max (combi of real passengers n their 送行 pple...u know indians lah..1 passenger got 4-5 pple sending them off wah lau). Think we spent 20mins just to squeeze thru the entrance. then inside the check in area...more indians...with huge boxes n blanket covered fella each check in with his 5 baggage takes like forever lor -_-|||. Heng the check in manager open another line for regular pple like us phew. After getting past the customs, we head to the one n only cafe to makan dinner (din eat at the hotel cos 3x more exp)

fried noodle

fried rice
Our flight got delayed abit due to 'technical problem' but we eventually departed 45mins later...queuing up at departure gate also very epic haiz (also due to indians lah). Our return flight need to transit at KL one so the journey is 2hrs the time we reach SG is almost 11am liao (suppose to reach 9.45am de). After touch down, we went back to the watch shop to get the watch then head home.

liked the Air Mauritius interior...very holiday mood.

Some pics of sunrise...n the frost on the window..

KL airport

hazy SG..

Some loots bought from Mauritius...T-shirts


Tea bags, fruit jams n scented soap

Food stuffs..

fruity soft candy

honey sugar coated peanuts...nice


Fanta Passion...nice

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