Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 7 (part 1), Big Cats Encounter - Walking with Lions!

We'll be spending almost whole day at Casela park today. First up, the walk with lions & interact with cheetahs, then follow by photo safari after lunch. 



The basic entry ticket allows visitors to visit their birdpark area & petting zoo for for animals at petting zoo can be purchased at a price. Some animals u can see are deers, zebras, goats, ostrich, turkeys, goose n ducks etc. There's a souvenir shop at the entrance too..

After purchasing entry tickets, we proceeded to the Big Cats departure point to take a bus ride to the Big Cats enclosures.

Pick up timings

Big cats drive through vehicle 

This had to be one of the highlights of the trip...walking beside, behind but not infront of the lions hehehe...we had 2 lioness (one white n one normal) to walk with us. 

the group

From left - Pezula & Sinanga

They only have one pair of white lions, one female n one male so we had the one n only white lioness walked with us heehee...the keepers were very professional, they made the lions hop, jump, climb trees for our cameras while keeping us safe n entertained. 

There are about 5 keepers accompanying 10 of us in the grp, so the $126 we paid is well worth the price. The walk lasted about an hour n we were served fruit juice after the walk. 

me holding the tail..

More pics of the lioness in action...

We were kinda forced to buy the professional photos n video on DVD ($42) due to the fact that we were not allowed to walk infront n only the photographer had the best angle shots. The DVD packaging is nice n informative (has a list of their cats n their names & birth dates) n we got complimentary photos for the interaction with Cheetahs too.

We did the interaction with Cheetahs prior to the walk with was about 15mins where we were let into their cheetah enclosure and touch n take pics with them...they are soooo cute lor..


We had our lunch here at the park's restaurant...this place has a view of the mountains..nice. And there are peacocks roaming ard looking for food? Anyway, food here is pretty affordable (cheaper than Le Chamarel restaurant but they lack service staffs tho)...

i totally enjoyed my indian curry chicken rice. Hubby had the sweet & sour fish rice also good.

my curry chicken rice

hubby's sweet n sour fish rice

After lunch we went to look see at the petting zoo and then to the pick up point for the Photo be continued..

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