Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 5 - Scenery sightseeing day

Today we visited the following...Trou aux Cerfs Volcano crater, Ganga Talao Grand Bassin lake, Alexandra falls, Black river gorges, Chamarel falls & 7 colored earth..

This is the most siong day tour of the entire trip...gotta climb staircases n slopes to get to the scenic view points..then at lunch time at Le Chamarel restaurant kena sunburn somemore...but then the scenery is nice de lor, quite worth the effort lah.

The Trou aux Cerfs Volcano is extinct so nothing much to see inside the crater...just grass and trees and a bald patch in the middle (the bald patch becomes a small lake during wet season). However, the scenery around the crater is amazing...check out the pics below..

volcano crater


The crater isn't very big so we walked one round to take pics...took us about 20mins. 2nd stop is the Ganga Talao Grand Bassin lake. It is a sacred lake for the hindus...somehow they believed that the lake water comes from the Ganges river...lotsa hindu gods around here. We also climbed the staircase to go up a hill to see the birds eye view of the lake and the surrounding scenery...climb until I heh heh chuan but quite worth it.

Lord Shiva...105ft, he's currently the tallest 

they building one more taller one..


hindu temple


almost there...

the lake from hill top

Next stop, the Alexandra falls...gotta climb staircase again...the waterfall is far far away..need to zoom in to see..

climb again..

zoomed in shot of Alexandra falls

After this, the driver took us to the Black river gorges view point...nice scenery there too. The Black river gorges national park is huge and has many trekking options for the adventurous.

Waterfall on the right..

We took a break for lunch at the Le Chamarel restaurant...I kena sunburn here cos geh kiang want sit Al Fresco see the scenery..

looks shaded but its not..

view from our table

Le Morne mount..

Food and service is pretty good here...prices similar to Swensons so we think its affordable though it is exp for Mauritian standards.

After lunch, we proceed to visit the Chamarel falls & Seven colored earth which is short drive from here.

see the rainbow?

As the sun goes down in late afternoon...the rainbow starts to show on the falls...

Before the trip, I read on tripadvisor that the seven colored earth is hao siao have colors like the I know why, the timing is important...must come when sun is going down then the colors will come out...4-5pm is perfect.

The colors were formed due to volcanic natural, not man made one..

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