Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 11 (part 1), Scenic microlight flight

Last sightseeing day...we are gg for the scenic microlight flight at the North East of Mauritius. Pre-booked this based on forum ang moh suggestion. The flight is on a propeller mini aircraft that sits only the pilot n one passenger nia. They got 2 aircrafts so the owner suggested that we can take off n fly side by side, so we could take pics of each other in the cool is that? We thoroughly enjoyed the flight...the scenery of the north east coast is AMAZING!! Mauritius is soooo beautiful...i took several videos as well..check them out! 

The handsome french pilot inspecting the aircraft prior to the flight...this orange one will be hubby's ride for the next 30mins. 

he is the boss too..

My aircraft will be this white n blue one...with half for taking photos...dun pick this one if u will freak out cos half of ur body will be exposed during the flight. 

my uncle pilot...a very careful guy..

If you are going for Skydiving...this will be ur aircraft..

Before we could fly, the pilots needs to get a green light from Airport Control Tower...must cater some waiting time for this..

After 30mins wait...we were ready to take off!

WOW WOW WOW....the view from 1200ft above is simply breathtaking!!

Lotsa shallow lagoons with corals in the north east coast...

is hubby...wave...wave..

can still see hubby's aircraft in the distance..

Different shades of blue...

Almost end of the flight...a few more shots before we land..

Landed safely...very happy that we did this flight..hubby say want try their seaplane (under servicing) next time.

Back at the office we bought T-shirts, had a drink before leaving for Grand bay.

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