Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 10, Horse riding on the beach

Booked a 1.5hrs horse riding for beginners at the stables nearby our hotel. We were given a 5mins briefing on how to handle the horses and off we go on the ride. 1.5hrs route includes a short ride inside the forested area then followed by beach ride along the public beach and along the hotels passing by our own hotel too. It is hubby's first horse ride he definitely enjoyed it. He complained of thigh ache after that...and i had backside ache hehehe...cannot ride more than 1.5hrs...屁股痛!

Riding at the forest area..

Riding along the public beach..

Passing by the Indian resort

they dun clean their dirty..


The unfinished St. Regis..

Our hotel beach...nice n clean.

Turning off to the forest area...

End of 1.5hr ride...we had a drink n took pics of the horses while waiting for our transport back to hotel.

One white horse came over to smell us out...then he pooped hehe..

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