Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 7 (part 2), Petting zoo & Photo Safari

This is really a fun day....after the exciting walk with Lions n meeting up with Cheetahs. We also booked a Photo Safari drive trip thru the Casela nature park. I wasn't expecting it to be good cos its only $4.66 nia...but it turned out really fun. We got to touch the Zebras n almost pecked by Ostriches when they poked their heads into our trucks to find food...we saw many deers n one unique looking antelope too! And plus the scenic drive over the hill top, it is well worth the few bucks we one video of ostrich encounter too..stay tuned.

We still have some time to spare after lunch so we checked out the Petting zoo before going to the bus stop for the safari.

Got one zebra here...can feed n touch it plus take photos..

Then we saw a mother hen n her chicks...soooo cute..


Not much time left...we proceed to the bus stop pick up point for Photo Safari..

We din know can feed bread so we din bring any...just watch other pple feed the zebra n ostriches..

Took very few pics of ostrich cos i took video...very funny the kids screammmmm...whenever the ostriches poked their heads very far inside the bus hehe..check out my video hor.

After feeding session, the driver took us through a scenic ride before going to the deer area..

Saw some deers and a unique looking antelope before ending the ride...

We thoroughly enjoyed the ride...hubby kept saying today is very fun. After hopping off the bus we walk walk around n see the birds n peacocks before leaving the park for shopping..

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