Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 3 - Port Louis, Botanic gdn & Bagatelle mall

First day trip out of the hotel...we visited the capital city Port Louis and saw the British fortress Fort Adelaide, the waterfront shopping center Caudan Waterfront & their Casino...bought some souvenirs there. Then we visited the national botanic gdn Pamplemousses Botanical Garden...nothing much to see here..we saw that our former president Nathan planted a coffee tree few mths before the election date hehe...

Built by british...see the royal crown?

View from Fort Adelaide 

The waterfront shopping center Caudan Waterfront 

Craft Market


Bought some tea bags & fruit jams at the craft market..

Next stop, the botanic garden...this place quite waste time..they have many tree species that we duno how to appreciate and the famous giant water lily pond very botak cos not their blooming season. And hor, got those 'freelance' guide trying to show and explain to us the different trees there n wanna get tips from us at the end of the day. Only go if u have too much time to spare.

water lily pond

lotus pond

giant tortoise  
Our former president Nathan planted a coffee tree few mths before the election date

2nd half of the day we spent our time checking out the less than one yr old shopping mall recommended by forum ang is similar to Premium outlet malls setup accept that this place dun sell discounted branded goods...the place has regular shops selling reasonable priced goods and 3 big hypermarts for self catering tourist to stock up on food n essentials..there is also a cineplex here n many dining options..

the big basket with wheels...we shld have this in sg too.

We bought snacks and water for consumption at the hotel for the next few days.

On our way back we drove pass the Tamarin Salt pans which is part of my Day 7 itinerary...snap a few quick shots there.

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