Friday, June 12, 2015

King Crab Buffet Dinner at Momiji Japanese Buffet

Evil sista saw a value-for-money King Crab buffet ad on social media, and initiated an impromptu dinner on a weekday. We picked the City Square Mall outlet as it is conveniently located along the NEL. The Jap Buffet restaurant on the 5th floor was pretty huge, spanning over 3 shop spaces.

Unlimited supply of King crabs, Snow crabs and also Sapporo beer (till 1930h) at only $39.80++ for weekdays. Full payment must be made at the cashier before entering the restaurant.

number clips for ordering cooked food

The dining area is spacious but table to table spaces is very tight. Buffet spread occupies a third of the restaurant space, consisting of 150 selections of Japanese food, sushi, sashimi, chilled seafood, teppanyaki, shabu shabu, agemono, yakitori etc. etc. And the dessert spread includes Haagen Dazs ice cream, chocolate fondue and waffle making station, on top of the usual cakes, pastries and fruits spread. Check it out here...

The varieties were definitely impressive, but how was the taste? Hmm...I would say go for the chilled seafood, fried foods (agemono), chawanmushi in the steamer, sushi & sashimi, and refrain from touching the cooked food. The cooked food were cold, like they've been sitting under the aircon for over 4hrs at least, tastes awful!

Oh by the way, the DIY waffles and the ice cream were space for them!

Cold and disgusting!

Not bad, chicken wings were nice

Not bad

Seafood quite fresh, avoid the tofu!

Not bad


Not fresh




Thumbs up!

Even though the food here is more misses than hits, there are some gems to be found and are rather worthy of the value-for-money price tag. Just come with the right expectations (keep them reasonably low) and whack the King crabs, sashimi, beer and Haagen Dazs ice cream!

Momiji King Crab buffet prices and restaurant info:

Some nice captures of the pretty Foodcourt at level 4

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