Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sunday Brunch at Catalunya...its Party Time!

The 3rd birthday celebration of the month, was a formal celebration with friends who mattered. The birthday girl decides where she desires to dine, and my choice for this year is Catalunya. A Spanish fine dining establishment located at the Fullerton bay waterfront, along the Marina bay area, overlooking the iconic MBS.

We had advanced reservation and was allocated a cozy booth seat. Booth seats are ideal if you don't have to get out very often to go get food, for Sunday brunches it's better to request for regular table seats.

Some good looking people sitting opposite us...

Assorted breads were served at every table, they were good but we refrained from having too much of these so we could fully enjoy the extensive Appetizers spread.

Let's take a tour around the impressive Appetizer/Starters station. The stations are divided into several sections, showcasing authentic northeastern Spanish specialties. They are Charcuterie, Cheeses, Salads, Bakery, Stews, Fish & Fresh Juices stations.

Roast beef

Beef carpaccio

Tuna & Salmon

Hamachi in ponzu sauce

Spanish anchovies (extremely salty)


The Thai green papaya chicken salad is very good!

Octopus Empanada


And that's not all, we got several single portions of eggs and sandwiches served directly to our table. What?!

Deconstructed Spanish omelette, onion confit topped w/ layers of egg yolk sabayon & potato foam

Scramble egg w/ potato & chorizo

Pa amb tomàquet (a.k.a Tomato toast)

Bikini sandwich w/ Iberian ham, cheese & truffle

The eggs and sandwiches were rather tasty, so were the myriads of appetizers. We deliberately consume only sample-sized portions of everything as we knew there will be a SHOW coming, when the main courses are served (the 2nd part of the brunch experience).

The SHOW! began with a loud blast of lively carnival music and servers streaming out of the kitchen with pipping hot dishes on their hands. We were caught by surprise even though we knew it was coming, I wasn't quick enough to capture it on my camera as we're seated very close to the starting point. Anyways, we got to take pics of the two Spanish signature dishes that kicked started the main courses service.

The Seafood Paella, is the most heavenly Spanish rice I've ever eaten, ever! It has a divine smokey aroma, much like our Chinese fried rice wok hei, and was loaded with generous portions of shrimps, clams, squid and pork ribs. No other paella ever comes close after I've eaten this! We gladly accepted a second serving when they asked.

The next dish, Salt Crusted Whole Fish, was served camera worthy with flames burning on the rock salt. However, this dish did not wow us as much as its looks, it tasted kinda bland with just a simple drizzle of olive oil over it.

Brace yourself as the most important of all Spanish main courses is about to be served. Presented with a bang, of vibrant music and dancing staffs, the roast Suckling Pig 'Segovian' Style (a.k.a Cochinillo Asado).

The suckling pig was then cut swiftly using a plate, before smashing it onto the floor. Spanish tradition of smashing the plate onto the floor after cutting a suckling pig, is a sign of good service! They even timed the smashing to coincide with the!

As the suckling pig is an expensive dish, we were only served one portion for every 2-3 diners to share. The meat was so soft and tender that it literally dissolved inside our mouth, plus the skin was ultra crispy, thumbs up!

The final part (of the 3 parts) of the brunch experience, was the Sweet Ending. This time I managed to capture the crowd carrying the SHOW signs. They've gotten a few kids diners to participate in it.

The desserts of the day were paraded twice in front of us before being placed at the dessert corner. We helped ourselves to the enticing looking sweet treats.

Despite their looks, these desserts were all overly sweet and cloying for our SG palates. Couldn't help but felt a tinge of disappointment for these lovely looking desserts. We still found a favorite item though, the Lemon Meringue Tart was good, the sourness of the citrus fruit kept the sweetness at bay.

Sunday Brunch with Passion at Catalunya, has live up to its hype of being the best brunch experience in town! We enjoyed our brunch experience immensely. It gave us not just good food and great service, but also a completely exceptional experience, very unlike the usual fine dining places we've been to! This is definitely worth every penny we paid, and I can foresee that we'll be back again once our pockets are deep enough to finance another visit!

Catalunya Singapore
The Fullerton Pavilion
82 Collyer Quay Singapore 049327

Tel: 6534 0886

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday Lunch: 12 noon - 2.30pm
Monday - Sunday Dinner: 6pm - 10.30pm
Monday - Sunday Bar: 12noon - Till late
Saturday & Sunday Brunch: 12.30pm - 3.30pm

Brunch price - $98++ (include free flow juices)
                        add $48++ for free flow alcoholic drinks & coffee/tea

Diners drinking and dancing to the music

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