Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Welcome to PANDORA Club!!

I have always liked Pandora's silver bracelets and their beautiful charms but couldn't convince myself to splurge a couple of hundred bucks on just a piece of silver jewelery. It is even pricier than the more precious gold jewelery.

However, my opportunity came when I got my hands on my Long Service Award shopping vouchers! I'll treat it as my company's gift for my birthday this year *grin*

For starters, I got myself a pretty silver piece with a heart shaped clasp. This sweet looking bracelet can even be worn alone without charms.


Then added on 7 different charms (additional $547) that formed up a 'Pink' kinda themed design. Chio right?

I'm still thinking of getting a safety chain cos the new bracelet is rather hard to put on by myself without help. Probably when I get my year end bonus or wait for somebody to buy as X'mas gift? Heehee...

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