Monday, January 13, 2014

Crab congee Lunch at 皇冠小館, HK celeb's fave.

On our 4th sightseeing day, we took a taxi from our hotel to this famous little shop called 皇冠小館. I came to know about it from the Taiwanese travel show 食尚玩家. This tiny eatery has made it to the 2013 & 2014 Michelin guide.

Wanna know how famous it is? Check out their list (partial) of celeb clientele. How many can you recognize?

Celebs aside, the boss was in and he greeted us warmly and recommended their signature dishes. They were also the same dishes featured on 食尚玩家, so we went along with it.

竹升蝦子撈麵 MOP60
Springy egg noodle handmade with traditional bamboo pressing method, and sprinkled with abundant amount of dried prawn roe. The noodle was indeed very springy and prawn roe was flavorful too. This type of noodle can taste a tad dry, so it must be consume with some soupy or congee dishes.

椒鹽白飯魚 MOP98
Fried battered silver baits topped with crispy minced garlic and chili. This was very good, I was skeptical about the reaction of the Taiwanese show hosts at first and didn't plan on ordering this dish. But now I have no regrets!

奄仔海蟹粥 MOP190 (small)
Their Crab congee was boiled with dried scallops and beancurd sheets (瑤柱&腐竹) for many hours before adding in the fresh crabs. Velvety smooth texture fully infused with flavors from the ingredient used, another delish dish.

The food here is pretty good but a tad pricey for the signature dishes. The service here is warm and welcoming probably cos its easier to get the customers to spend on their pricey food. Their not so famous dishes are actually quite economically priced. We'll probably try those if we visit again.

310A Rua do Campo
Tel: (853) 28372248

Opening hours
Daily 1000 - 0200h

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