Wednesday, January 15, 2014

English Afternoon Tea at Cascades, Galaxy Macau 銀河水簾下午茶

Macau is one of the best places to spend the afternoon sipping tea and savoring delicatessen pastry and finger food at a lavish five stars hotel cafe...probably unknown to many Singaporeans though, its such a pity cos we love our afternoon hi-tea and are paying big bucks to enjoy it.

I did my homework and finally settled on Cascades cafe at the lobby of Galaxy Macau. This hotel is rather new and have no lack of luxurious ambiance with plush sofas and opulent armchairs for patrons to lounge and spend a relaxing afternoon.

Fortune diamond at the lobby

Their Afternoon Tea sets are priced as follows:

Galaxy Afternoon Tea Set
- MOP 138 per person
- MOP 228 two persons

English Afternoon Tea Set
- MOP 118 per person
- MOP 208 for two persons

The tea set includes a choice of beverage (tea, coffee & juices) for 2pax. After currency conversion, the Galaxy tea set is at a steal of SGD38++ for 2pax, so naturally we went for the most luxurious set!

They are also having a 1 for 1 slice cake promotion...check out their lovely looking cakes!

We didn't order the slice cakes as our tea set already has a good selection of chef's special creations. My choice of beverage, Peach & Passionfruit Tea from Twinings...nice and fruity.

Hubby had the Mocha...

The 3-tier goodies arrived shortly after the drinks were served...

As with all traditional afternoon tea, we start eating from the bottom tier. At the bottom, we have 6 sandwiches (tuna, cucumber & egg mayo). They were pretty good and fill you up real quick, so go slow with them if you don't have a huge appetite.

At the middle tier, are an assortment of savory puff pastries, onion quiche and crispy cheese sticks. The cheese sticks were not too cheesy and I enjoyed dipping them into the lemon curd and jam provided for the scones. The onion quiche was good too, not overly buttery and full of onion fragrance. I also liked the soft and flaky sausage puff...delish.

At the top tier, are the X'mas themed sweet treats! Lets check them out...

Everything was good accept for the mince pie which was overly sweet. The chocolate cake and fruit tart were my faves.

The scones, cookies and cinnamon buns were served separately wrapped in a napkin. It comes with Devonshire clotted cream, lemon curd, fruit jam and butter.

The scones were buttery, hubby loves, not so much. The cinnamon buns were pretty good though, so were the cookies.

We were filled to the brim at the end of the tea session, some of the sandwiches and buns were left untouched. It was definitely a good experience having tea here, service is within expectations of a five stars hotel, food quality was very good, coupled with the great ambiance. I would recommend this to anyone who loves is superb value for money (it costs double for similar quality hi-tea in SG)!

Cascades, Galaxy Macau
Estrada da Baia de Nossa Senhora da Esperanca, COTAI, Macau ‎
Tel: (853) 88832221

Afternoon tea is served from Monday to Friday: 2pm – 6pm.

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