Tuesday, July 28, 2015

3D2N Melaka Getaway - Day 2 Part 2/2

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After a couple of hours rest at the hotel, we departed again at 3.45pm to Capitol Satay Celup for early dinner. Capitol Satay is renowned for their notoriously long queues, so we had to get there by 4pm to beat the queue, and we did.

This was my first time trying satay lok lok and it was a really nice experience. I liked their flavorful satay broth and the fresh ingredients supplied here. At about 5.25pm when we left the restaurant, the queue had grown to 4 blocks long.

On our way back, we stumbled upon Eng Chee Seng bakery and bought some freshly baked Tau Sar Piah from the friendly owners. The piahs here were heavenly! If you like traditional biscuits, try to plan your visit to Capitol Satay together with this.

We took a break at the hotel again to wait for sundown when we'll go for the Melaka river cruise, to enjoy the scenery along the river at night. It was a very cool tour, highly recommended for first timers to Melaka.

The Dutch Square at night

Malacca Sultanate Watermill

Scenic river at night

Casa Del Rio hotel

Ticket booth and boarding area

Goodie bags for every passenger

Boat tour begins...

St. Francis Xavier church

The cruise duration was about 45mins. After hopping off the boat, we dropped by the HRC to purchase some souvenirs before heading over to the Jonker Street Night market again to find food.

Bought Coconut jelly and Fried carrot cake for supper. The coconut jelly was delicious but the carrot cake was a total waste of calories!

With that, we ended our eventful sightseeing day 2. Bedtime again as we had to wake up early for morning tea at an old school dim sum restaurant. Nighty night!

View full itinerary here.

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