Thursday, November 20, 2014

Swiss Luxury Confectionery, Hand Crafted Chocs at its Finest!

Läderach Chocolatier Suisse
Founded in 1962, Läderach is a family run business specializing in handmade luxury chocolates. The headquarters is located in the canton of Glarus, Switzerland. To ensure consistent quality, they manufacture their own chocolate masses at their production site in Bilten. Läderach is one of the 18 companies belonging to Chocosuisse, the Federation of Swiss Chocolate Manufacturers. The company has numerous branches in Switzerland, and also oversea outlets in Germany, Kuwait, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Zurich Bahnhofstrass branch

Bern train station branch

Exquisite packaging

Assorted truffles CHF25.80

Best truffle I had! CHF6.10 for 5pcs

I'm a sucker for truffles, it is always a delight to bite into one and savor the process of the outer shell melting and merging together with the soft center. Läderach makes extremely good ones that tastes as good as it looks.

Hubby on the other hand prefers pralines and bar chocolates though, which bring our attention to another incredible creation, FrischSchoggi (Fresh Chocolates). An extensive variety of fruits & nuts chocolate slabs made with premium quality ingredients. They were soooo good that we bought bags of these 3 times for consumption during our trip and once for souvenir shopping to bring back to SG. Highly recommended.


The pink color one, Berries in white!

My fave is the Orange peel dark chocolate yums!

Almond dark choc CHF10.90, FrischSchoggi CHF18.90

These alone made us CHF155 poorer (~SGD210)

Confiserie Sprüngli
The Confiserie Sprüngli is a Swiss luxury confectionery manufacturer founded in 1836 and internationally known for its signature macarons called "Luxemburgerli". In 1957, Sprüngli sold the first Luxemburgerli, a sort of macaroon invented by a Sprüngli confectioner from Luxembourg; they are now the company's flagship product of which about 650 kilograms (1,430 lb) are produced daily. Sprüngli is a family owned company and they are already the sixth-generation descendants of founder David Sprüngli. The company now has 14 outlets in and around Zurich, and 7 others are located in Basel, Bern, Winterthur, Zug and Geneva.

Zurich flagship store at Paradeplatz

Zurich airport outlet

Last min shopping at the airport, the Luxemburgerli macarons caught my attention immediately after I stepped in the shop. I bought a box of 18 mini macarons at only CHF18.35 (tax free), cheap for SG standard!

Luxemburgerli macarons

Very delish!

Luxemburgerli are smaller and lighter than usual macarons. It has a lighter and more airy texture as compared to regular french macarons. They are not overly sweet but extremely flavorful, an absolute delight to eat...I really regret not buying more!

As the macarons are freshly produced daily from high quality natural ingredients without any added preservatives or artificial colors, they have a very short shelf live of only about 3 days, its recommended to be consumed immediately upon purchase. Many flavors are seasonal though, do check with the counter staffs for the flavor of the month.

11 flavors

Luxemburgerli can be bought online but they only ship to Germany and USA. Other chocolate products can be bought online and they are shipped internationally.

Swiss fine chocolates may be a little too extravagant for some people, but for a chocoholic like me, an occasional splurge for such hand crafted luxury is worth every penny. I do hope that Läderach would open one outlet in SG!

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