Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Asian Restaurants in Switzerland

If you are traveling for long period in Swiss and require an occasional Asian food fix, Chinese restaurants are rather abundant in many parts of Switzerland. A smaller number of Thai, Jap and Viet cuisine can be found at touristy areas and in large cities.

I don't know if we're plain lucky or the Chinese food in Swiss is generally of good standard. The two restaurants we patronized served pretty authentic Chinese fare. Even the Chinese takeaway kiosk at Zurich train station produces very good Chinese dishes.

Lucky Ming Restaurant
Hotel Sonne
Bahnhofstrasse 9
3800 Unterseen
Tel: (+41) 033 823 25 24

This restaurant is located just 3mins walk from our hotel at Interlaken West (Unterseen area), very close to the train station too. It occupies the ground floor of the Hotel Sonne building. The family run restaurant offers quite an extensive selection of Cantonese style cuisine. 

We ate here twice during our 4 days stay at Interlaken. We had the Set Dinner menu on the first visit and ala carte dishes on the following night. The set meals are more value for money, but dishes are fixed though.

Set Dinner CHF25.90 per pax
Starter - choice of Crispy spring roll or Glass noodle soup
Main course (with steam rice) - choice of Chicken, Prawn or Pork dish
Dessert - choice of Apple fritters w/ honey or Vanilla ice cream

Glass noodle (tang hoon) soup

Spring roll

Szechuan King Prawns

Sweet & Sour Pork

Apple fritters w/ honey

Vanilla ice cream

The dishes were very delish and ample portioned. I highly recommend the set meals for all first timers. Prices are inclusive of 8% VAT.

On the second night, we ordered two main dishes ala carte, with soup and steam rice. The claypot dish has good wok hei aroma and was wiped out instantly! Another enjoyable dinner for us.

Spicy & sour soup CHF7.50 per bowl

Claypot chicken w/ glass noodles CHF26

Mapo Tofu CHF26

Some drinks we ordered...beverage prices are from CHF4 and up.

Chinese tea

Ice lemon tea

We were there on weekday nights, the restaurant wasn't extremely busy and we enjoyed warm and friendly services from the owner. We spoke with them in Cantonese, but the staffs here can speak fluent mandarin and english on top of german.

Restaurant Chinois Le Basilic
Avenue du Casino 51 
1820 Montreux 
Tel: (+41) 021 963 06 46

This classy (sort of) looking Chinese diner is located close to the Casino (major tourist landmark in Montreux). Despite its grand looking entrance, we find the menu prices are reasonable for Swiss standards. So we gave it a shot on our second night in Montreux.

The restaurant serves a wide range of Chinese dishes from different regions in Asia, and also buffet style steamboat for lunch. The owner here can speak taiwanese accent mandarin and cantonese. He claims that he had stayed in HK and Hokkien province (闽南) in China before.

Chinese tea CHF4

Seafood soup CHF13

Sweet corn soup CHF11

Roast duck CHF38

Sing Chow beehoon CHF23

We ordered one meat dish and one carbo dish for sharing and one bowl of soup each. Food here was very well executed and big portion. The roast duck has crispy skin and thick juicy flesh. Fried beehoon has generous amount of prawn meat and good wok hei too. We were really happy with this meal as well, it was money well spent. Recommend.

Sushi Chez Lin
Avenue des Alpes 47 
1820 Montreux 
Tel: (+41) 021 320 98 88

Cozy Jap restaurant directly across the street from the Montreux train station. This place serves sushi, sashimi and hot food upon order, as well as pre-packed chilled food for takeaway. We ordered a set meal each for dinner.

Oyako don CHF20

Unagi teishoku CHF25

Flavored green tea...not nice.

The set meals here are served with miso soup and pickles. Food was not too bad, good for a quick jap food fix. Varieties are quite limited though, they don't seem to serve any kind of hot noodle dishes. You may wanna try other places after one or two visits.

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