Monday, June 9, 2014

Chef Yamashita Japanese Artisan Bakery

Chef Yamashita, the co-owner of the popular bakery Flor Pâtisserie, has left the joint venture and started his very own bakery. I got the news of this move from posts of fellow foodies on FB. His new shop is located in the nostalgic heartland of Tanjong Pagar Plaza.

Situated in a quiet corner with a modern minimalist decor theme, Chef Yamashita Japanese Artisan Bakery stood out like a sore thumb among all the old school shops on level 2.

Mrs Yamashita, who was manning the shop welcomed us with a sunny smile and Japanese's enthusiasm to serve. At around 4pm, most of the popular pastries were already sold out! I had to make my choice with what's left for the day. I managed to grab the last two pieces of Banana Caramel luna wrap and a few other Petit Gâteau (small cakes).

Banana Caramel Luna Wrap $5.90 and Ichigo Luna Wrap $5.90, looked exactly like the ones sold in Japan bakeries. They do not just look good but taste super as well. The vanilla sponge cake was fluffy and light as air, and pairs perfectly with the fresh cream and the generous serving of sweet tasting cut fruits.Thumbs up!

Rikyu 利休 $6.80, a Matcha flavored cake with green tea cream atop of green tea meringue roll with fresh cream & azuki bean filling, sprinkled with chopped Japanese chestnuts. This cake is a Matcha fan's dream come true, it has aromatic matcha flavor oozing from inside out.

Chocola Hill $6.80, dark chocolate brownie with walnuts topped with chocolate cream and chocolate tuile. The brownie turned out a bit hard to chew after leaving in the fridge overnight, overall passable but no wow factor.

Darkcherry Tart $6.80, a cream cheese tart with dark cherry compote topping. Hubby ate this one, he said it was yummy.

Do note that all their pastries are freshly made every morning with no added preservatives, and must be refrigerated asap if not consumed within 30-45mins after purchase.

Chef Yamashita Japanese Artisan Bakery 
Blk 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #02-44 S082001
Tel: +65 6604 9709

MON - SAT 10am-630pm
SUN & PH  10am-4pm

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