Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lunch at Symmetry Cafe

Brought hubby to Symmetry cafe for his birthday lunch as he wanted to eat good quality food with nice ambiance. I've read a lot about Symmetry's good food and service and have always wanted to try it myself. So here we are, at Symmetry Cafe on a Wed afternoon armed with a confirmed table reservation.

Symmetry cafe is located on a small street called Jln Kubor, about 15mins walk from the Exit B of Bugis MRT. It is house in a restored colonial style building, painted all white with bright green windows...nice.

We were greeted by a friendly waiting staff and ushered swiftly to a table at the back of the cafe. The cafe was only half full at 2pm. I was able to take some pictures after we had placed orders for our food.

This place has an industrial themed decor with hanging factory lighting and kerosene lamps, and unfinished brick walls, wooden fixtures and metal shelves. Intriguing paintings lined the walls that piqued our interest...such as 'The Last Supper' scene with an amusing twist.

Table setting and Lunch & drinks menu...

We each ordered a beverage and a main course, and one starter dish and waffle for sharing.

My Hot Chocolate w/ Marshmallows $6.50++, served with a crunchy gingerbread man cookie on the side. I love this thick and chocolaty drink dressed with toasted tiny marshmallows that dissolves delightfully in my mouth on every sip...slurp!

Hubby's Cafe Mocha $5.50++, also served with a gingerbread man cookie. He's very happy with his choice.

Prawn & Courgette popcorn $17++, deep fried battered prawn balls with minced courgette served with piquillos pepper remoulade. The prawn balls were super crunchy and succulent, and goes well with the non spicy remoulade sauce, very addictive to eat.

My Tiger Prawn Aglio Olio $22++, Spaghetti tossed with garlic, togarashi, konbu, chive, olive oil in white wine sauce. There was a good amount of de-shelled halve prawns in this dish, and the togarashi chili pepper seasoning was pretty the dish a fiery boost on flavor. The prawns were very fresh and pasta was done well too, seriously delish!

Hubby's Snapper Meunière $24++, pan fried whole snapper fillet with brown butter and lemon confit, served with capers, almond, kelp, wakame & cherry tomatoes. The fresh and juicy white fish meat was cooked to perfection with a strong buttery flavor. Hubby was singing praises about this fish dish after devouring it within mins.

Our enjoyment didn't just end here, the highlight of the day Waffle $16++, served with berries compote, peanut butter, nutella, maple syrup & blueberry ice cream topped with chantilly cream. The thick and fluffy waffle was expertly prepared with slight crisp crust and soft spongy center, and it smelt really really good when served. Apart from the impressive plating, it tasted incredible too with the 6 different kinds of accompaniments, one dish with 6 types of flavors...what more can I say.

We thoroughly enjoyed our meal here at the Symmetry cafe, food quality was outstanding and service was very good too. The serving staff didn't need to write down our orders and she remembered that I had specially instructed to serve my pasta w/o cheese. The cafe also has a nice ambiance to boot. It is such a great feeling to step out of a restaurant feeling full and truly satisfied...I will definitely be back in a heart beat!

Symmetry Cafe
9 Jalan Kubor #01-01 S199206
Tel: +65 62919901

Mon 1030 – 2100
Tue–Thu 1030 – 2300
Fri 1030 – 0000
Sat 0900 – 0000
Sun 0900 – 1900

Some shots taken on the way to Symmetry...

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