Friday, May 9, 2014

New Dim Sum Menu at Crystal Jade Kitchen

The last time I visited Crystal Jade was like eons ago. I've since taken a liking to their competitions such as Paradise group and Imperial Treasures group and the likes. We chanced upon the new All Day Dim Sum menu on display at their Suntec branch and decided to give it a try.

They have the regular Ala Carte menu on top of the All Day dim sum menu. The dim sum choices weren't too extensive (about 30 items) but there are some unique items that attracted my attention. Items not commonly found in SG includes the Pork Liver siew mai and Shrimp paste fried rice rolls.

We ordered one pot of porridge and several dim sum items for sharing.

First up, Claypot Fish Shrimp & Pork slices Congee 鱼虾肉片大煲粥 $9.80++. At less than 10 bucks per pot, this claypot dish portion is large enough for 2-3pax to share. 

Huge chunks of fish and pork slices as well as deshelled prawns were found in the porridge. The ingredients used were extremely fresh and cooked just right, retaining the juiciness of the meats and their natural flavors. I highly recommend this dish!

Pan-fried rice rolls w/ Spicy shrimp paste 虾米酱煎肠粉 $5.20++. This dish is very HK style, the chee cheong fun were well coated with shrimp paste sauce and has good wok hei aroma. It was not the best I've eaten (the best is only found in HK) but was still very decently done.

Pan-fried Carrot cake w/ dried shrimp & Lup cheong 香煎萝卜糕 $4.20++, another yummy dish with ample shreds of radish and fragrant lup cheong bits enveloped within.

Old school Pork Liver siew mai 怀旧猪润烧卖 $4.20++, a dish that is unique to HK region and first time seen in SG (at least for me). The pork liver was marinated for long enough period before steaming, contributing to its soft and succulent texture which was well complimented by the pork and shrimp meat beneath it...very delish!

The usual suspects, Shrimp dumpling 水晶鲜虾饺 $4.60++ and Crab roe siew mai 蟹皇蒸烧卖 $4.20++ were pretty decent as well, fresh and flavorful.

Pork & chive dumpling 家乡韭菜饺 $3.60++, this was one of my fave. The chive used was good quality ones with robust aroma, and the chef was careful to not overcooked it preserving its crunchiness as well. Thumbs up!

Beancurd rolls in thick soup 浓汤鲜竹卷 $4.80++, it is uncommon to find this cooked in soup. Crystal Jade's version was rather tasty but not outstanding though.

We ordered one dessert each and I had the Aloe vera & osmanthus w/ honey soup 芦荟桂花蜜 $3.80++, a nice and refreshing end to a scrumptious dim sum meal!

Crystal Jade has done well with their new dim sum menu, giving us little surprises here and there with their uniquely HK style dishes. Best of all, the prices are very affordable! They have now renewed my interest in them and I will definitely return for more delicious food.

Crystal Jade Kitchen
3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall #B1-113/114 S038983
Tel: 68845172

Opening Hours
Mon to Sun: 1100 - 2200hrs

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