Sunday, May 25, 2014

Coffee & Dessert time at Waffle Slayer (a.k.a. Strangers Reunion)

Went cafe hopping on a weekday afternoon with friends. We've heard a lot about Waffle Slayer's savory Squid Ink Waffles, and we're here to find out how it taste.

The worn looking wooden framed glass doors that used to be Strangers Reunion's entrance. SR has now moved next door to a bigger shop space. Waffle Slayer has taken over this space and is dedicated to serving waffles, and everything available at SR.

We were quite surprised to find that the cafe is almost full house at 4pm on a Monday. We had to squeeze at a small table at the back. Check out the crowd on a weekday afternoon!

The tiny cafe was very packed when we arrived, so we decided to order food and drinks first and waited till around 5.30pm to take photos of this place (when majority of the crowd is gone).

The cafe is decorated with retro style fittings and mismatched old & new furniture. Check out the 70s light switches, old school wooden cabinet and the Formica coffee table.

The Waffle Slayer's waffle & coffee menu and Strangers Reunion's food & drinks menu. 

Self service complimentary drinking water.

We ordered 2 sweet and 1 savory waffles to share, 2 side dishes and one beverage each.

Truffle Fries $12.90++, this was supposed to be served with cheese shavings but since some of us don't eat cheese, we requested it to be served with only truffle oil and mayo sauce.

The fries comes in a huge bowl, with the truffle oil and mayo served on the side. Both the fries and the sauce taste pretty good.

Spam fries $10.90++, with an interesting 'Jenga' style This was yummy as expected, an easy to prepare comfort food but yet the most popular. It was the first dish to be wiped out.

Squid Ink Waffle w/ Smoked Salmon $18.90++, served with poached egg and Hollandaise sauce. The waffle itself does not have much taste of squid ink but overall still taste good with the savory salmon and creamy poached egg which were nicely prepared.

Matcha Buttermilk Waffle $14.90++, served with Azuki beans, fruits and vanilla ice cream. This was the star waffle of the day. The waffle has a lovely matcha fragrance and goes well with the azuki beans and vanilla ice cream topping. Thumbs up!

Red Velvet Buttermilk Waffle $14.90++, served with pistachio tuile, chocolate fudge & vanilla ice cream. We find the waffle taste quite bland and the chocolate fudge sauce a little lacking. Although the pistachio tuile and ice cream was rather delicious, the combination of all these ingredients was lacking the wow factor.

For beverage, I had the Cafe Mocha $5.50++, it comes with a nicely done latte art, in fact all hot beverages with milk here comes with elaborate latte art. The mocha taste pretty decent though.

Cappuccino $4.90++, with a graceful swan latte art. No complains from my friend so I reckon its good.

Two of us had the Hot Chocolate $5.50++. I had a sip of this and find it rather chocolaty, not bad at all.

Iced Chocolate $7.50++, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and sprinkled with chocolate powder. A cool drink to have on a hot hot afternoon.

Waffle Slayer serves reasonably decent food and drinks, and the service staffs are friendly as well. This retro themed space could have been a great place to chill, but the tight spaces between tables and the constant crowd makes it hard to do so. We probably wouldn't be back any time soon unless they have more new and exciting stuffs to offer.

Waffle Slayer
37 Kampong Bahru Road S169356 
Tel: 6222 4869

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm

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