Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dinner at Skinny Pizza @Wheelock Place

Suggested to my friends to have dinner at Skinny Pizza cos I had a 15% discount voucher to spend. We arrived at the restaurant at around 6.30pm on a Friday night, the queue hasn't build up yet but the restaurant was already 50% full.

This restaurant has one of the quirkiest decor among its various outlets. It is adorned with white ceramic tiles from floor to the walls and splashed with a bright red peculiar painting as the backdrop. The painting has the strangest combi of a car, a dino, a screaming man and an old school VHS tape! Matching custom made chairs shared the same red/white color scheme with industrial looking wooden and metal pipes backing, and the wooden tables matches the chairs. At the front of the restaurant, a neon lighted 'Skinny Pizza' signage completes the look of this hip looking bistro.

Simple table setting that is consistent with all Skinny outlets. A CD cover showcasing the Mocktail of the day and current credit card promo and a tray of napkin, cutlery and pizza cuter.

The menu that looks like a clip folder with large photos of food on the left and description & pricing on the right.

For drinks, I had the Raspberry Julep $7++. It is a concoction of raspberry juice, lemon soda and canned lychees. This sweet and refreshing fizzy drink teases the palate with a slight tang in every sip...nice!

Some of my friend's orders...Pink Grapefruit & Elderflower Fizz $7++ and Mixed Berry Tart $7++. No complains from them so I reckon they were alright.

As usual, we ordered some sides to share when dining in a big group. They have a 3 sides for $18++ promo where you can pick any 3 items for a fixed price. We ordered two sets of these.

First set of 3, Sweet potato nibblets, Truffle fries and Harrisa prawns.

The golden fried sweet potato fingers were tossed with honey syrup and sprinkled with generous amount of fine sugar. This dish may look overly sweet but it isn't. The sweetness was surprisingly well controlled and we could still taste the natural sweetness of the sweet potato itself...extremely addictive to eat, a very well executed dish!

The unassuming looking Truffle fries was another crowd favorite as well with each fry being well coated with aromatic truffle oil...even those at the bottom wasn't spared, thumbs up.

The Harissa prawns were cooked with a North African style spicy paste and served with a slice of sweet mango and lemon. The prawns were fresh and crunchy and tasted delish with the harissa paste...we enjoyed this as well.

The second set of 3 was a trio of 1/4 meter sausages (pork, beef & chicken).

Spicy chicken & pork sausage

Beef sausage

The pork and beef sausages were pretty salty. We preferred the chicken sausage which is rather spicy and flavorful.

Some of my friends had soup...Sweet corn & crab soup $7++ and Portobello mushroom soup $7++. Their feedback was the mushroom soup tasted better with intense mushroom aroma.

For mains, we ordered two types of pizzas to share, Squid Ink pizza $26++ and Chicken Satay pizza $22++. We also tried the intriguing new item Squid Ink Pizza Pop $15++.

The Squid Ink Pizza Pop is served in a cake tin, looking pretty with generous topping of chunky squid rings and mid size fresh prawns, and garnished with rocket leaves, onion & cheese flakes.

To enjoy this dish, we gotta break the Pop using a knife to allow the ingredients on top to drop into the hollow center where there is some squid ink sauce at the base to be eaten with the ingredients. A really interesting concept!

The ultra thin and crispy crust tasted like squid ink cream crackers...yums. The generous serving of seafood were very fresh and cooked just right, very good.

The Squid Ink pizza tasted just like the Squid Ink Pop...very nice with generous toppings.

The Chicken Satay pizza surprises us with its authentically flavored thick peanut sauce and tender chunks of marinated chicken meat and sweet pineapple cubes. Nice rendition of the much loved local flavor into a delicious pizza topping. Eating this thin crust pizza is like eating cream crackers dipped in yummy satay sauce...so satisfying!

We had a great time catching up over great food and warm service. Service may become a little slow during peak hours though. Food quality was good and affordable, we only paid $27 each after the 15% discount...incredible value for money! Definitely worth repeated visits.

Skinny Pizza
Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Road, #03-04/04A, S238880  
Tel: 6235 7823

Opening Hours:
Mon.-Sun. 10:00-22:00

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