Monday, October 28, 2013

Birthday party at Eat.Play.Love Cafe

My friend's little girl is turning 3 and she had booked a birthday party package at Eat.Play.Love Cafe.

Uniquely old school themed cafe like this has been sprouting everywhere in SG, but what sets this cafe apart is that you can actually Eat and Play at this cafe. They have crafting materials for both adults and kids. Let's check this place out.

The cafe has a nostalgic setting with loads of old school tidbits and toys on display. Coupled with colorfully painted retro wooden tables, cute little stools painted with cartoon animals. A craft corner with materials for kids to spend time while the adults eat.

For adults, there are old school toys for one to reminiscence their childhood memories. Or one could choose to make their own jewellery, a doll or build an old school toy plane.

There are also a fair bit of retro furniture, snacks and soft drinks bottles on display, a photographer's delight!

For the Party package, one can either bring their own decorations or buy a decor package from the Cafe. My friend made her own decor and it fits the retro theme pretty well.

The party buffet spread...served on warmers. Pineapple fried rice, Mini pulled chicken burgers, Mini chicken winglets, Onion rings and spring rolls.

My food choices, I picked a small portion of everything since the variety was limited.

The food quality was okay, nothing to shout about. My personal favorite was the mini pulled chicken burger and the crispy spring rolls. The pulled chicken was rather tasty but a little lacking in portion, and the spring rolls were very crispy and packed with moist and warm filling inside. Both the onion rings and mini winglets were overcooked causing them to taste a tad hard and dry. The pineapple fried rice was not too bad, had ample serving of chicken floss and sweet pineapple cubes.

Last but not least, the dessert was served separately after most of us has had our meals. It was Thai coconut ice cream topped with peanuts, grass jelly and nata de coco.

This was the highlight of the meal, the coconut ice cream was delightfully refreshing, creamy and blends well with the crunchy roasted peanuts and lightly sweet grass jelly and nata de coco. Some of us had 2nd servings!

My friend bought a pack of the old school balloon toy and we had serious fun playing with it!

My best attempt..

And to end the party on a high note, cake cutting ceremony with a lovely floral cake from the Little House of Dreams.

It's a red velvet cake. I didn't eat that cos it contains cream cheese which I don't take. But I reckon it was good since I didn't hear any complains from my friends.

Service here was warm and friendly, the staffs were patient with kids and didn't frown a tiny bit when they had to clean up after the little blunders that they had created. Food quality for main courses was average but desserts was very good. Ambiance here is 100 marks cos there's something here to entertain patrons of all ages! Definitely worthy of multiple visits.

Eat.Play.Love Cafe
Aliwal Arts Centre, 28 Aliwal St #01-07, S199918
Tel: 6444 6400

Opening Hours:
Mon: 1200 - 2200
Wed to Sun: 1200 - 2200

Little House of Dreams
The Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen St #B1-27E, S160134
Tel: 6222 2972

Opening Hours: 
Mon to Fri: 1100 - 2130
Sat & Sun: 1100 - 2000

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