Monday, October 28, 2013

Birthday dinner at Lai Huat Seafood

Its our evil sista's birthday and she prefers to have cheap and good quality zi char food. So we made reservations at Lai Huat and pre-ordered Longevity peach buns and Cold dish.

Located near to Lavender MRT, this stall is housed in an old school shophouse. A typical non aircon zi char eatery.

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Cold combination dish $60
This dish consist of sliced abalone, crispy crab claws, spicy jellyfish, century eggs and fuyong egg 芙蓉蛋. The fuyong egg has got chunks of sharks fin in it...very luxurious. I also liked the spicy jellyfish, the thai style sauce was very spicy and flavorful.

Chunks of sharks fin 

Steamed Pomfret $30
Large size pomfret cooked in Teochew style...the fish was extremely fresh and succulent, sauce was nice too.

Sambal Belachan Pomfret $30
Deep fried till golden brown and topped with spicy belachan lives up to its signature dish name. Despite being deep fried, we could still taste the freshness of the fish meat, and most importantly the sambal belachan was very good.

Fried baby squid $15
Very crispy and the sauce is sweet and to eat with cold beer.

Fish maw soup $30
Thick soup with lotsa fish maw, mushroom and chunks of crab meat...not bad.

Prawn paste chicken $16
The chicken mid wings were very fragrant, skin is crispy enough...good.

Black pepper crayfish $36
The crayfishes were pretty fresh, and the black pepper sauce was rather strong...this would appeal to people who likes peppery dishes.

Crispy homemade tofu $16
This tasted rather bland, definitely not one of the best I've eaten. Average.

Sauteed broccoli with scallops $20
The broccoli was way overcooked and scallops were disappointingly limp...thumbs down.

Fried Longevity noodle (mee sua) $10
Loaded with lotsa seafood, pork slices and veggies...a yummy dish.

Longevity peach buns 寿桃 $16
This is not nice...bun is dry and filling is very small portion. The Boss said they got it from a supplier not made inhouse so they can't control the quality.

Overall dining experience was good, food quality was great and prices are affordable. Great for family gatherings.

Lai Huat Seafood Restaurant
72 Horne Rd, S209075
Tel: 6299 3024

Opening Hours: 
Mon to Sun: 1730 - 0000hrs
Closed on alternate Tue

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