Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sweet treats from Macau

My SIL went on a short getaway to Macau with some friends and brought back two of the famous snacks from there.

The Top selling Almond cookie from Koi Kei bakery 澳門鉅記手信, 杏仁餅


Koi Kei bakery has been selling almond cookies since 1997. I finally had the opportunity to try their famous almond cookie. It really is delicious....the cookie immediately melts in the mouth when I took my first bite. It crumbles and released the almond fragrance that fills my taste buds. There are bits of almond nuts inside the cookie that gives extra crunch while I savor the yummy cookie...thumbs up!

Koi Kei's competitor Choi Heong Yuen's Phoenix rolls with seaweed 咀香園餅家, 紫菜肉鬆鳳凰卷


Awwwww...this is soooooo goood! The egg roll breaks easily with every bite and melts and the pork floss burst out in flavor....the texture is indescribably good! You must try it to believe it...

Needless to say these were wiped out pretty fast...

Both Bakery has local outlets in SG.

For Choi Heong Yuen, check their website

For Koi Kei,
56 Temple St Chinatown S058601
Tel 62257677

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