Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sushi Tei dinner and the NEL breakdown drama...

I wasn't planning to eat dinner at NEX last night but was forced to abandon train at Serangoon due to NEL line train fault. The station announcement kept telling us commuters to find our own alternative way to get home and no shuttle buses were available at all.

After wondering around at NEX, I decided to settle down at Sushi Tei to makan dinner. I browsed through the menu and picked a Unagi Hitsu mabushi set $15.00++ for mains.

The set came with a step by step instruction sheet on how to enjoy the Unagi Hitsu mabushi. 

I followed the instruction and scooped the unagi rice into the small bowl and pour the Dashi soup over it and topped with seaweed and spring onions. The unagi is well cooked...very soft and dissolves into my mouth when eaten with the soup...thumbs up.

Unagi Hitsu mabushi

I picked up two conveyor belt dishes to add on...but was very disappointed with the food.

Ebi maki with pork floss $5.20++. This is not nice...the prawn is not crunchy and the rice and pork floss combi is too chewy and dry...doesn't taste fresh at all :(

Ebi maki with pork floss 

Seafood rolls $4.50++. This has been prepared and left on the conveyor belt for more than 1 hour! It is super cold and 漏风...very hard to eat. In the end I dipped them in the warm soup to make hot...duh.

Seafood rolls 

Conclusion - the food on the conveyor belt should be left alone. Order from the menu for freshly prepared food instead! Service here was decent though... prompt and friendly.

Sushi Tei
NEX, 23 Serangoon Central
#01-08/09, Singapore 556083

Telephone +65 6634 7717

Opening Hours:
11.30am to 10.00pm daily
(last order 9.30pm)

After I'm done with dinner, an hour after the train broke down, I went back to the MRT station to check out the word to describe...Chaos! There were signs put up to tell commuters to take buses on their own and a list of bus numbers & destinations running along the NEL line.

No choice, headed to the bus stop...look at how the crowd flocked to the Punggol bound bus 43! They squeezed up both the front entrance and exit door...the bus was filled to the brim and it took the driver a long while to finally close the doors and move on. There were a long line of buses all jammed up behind. I only managed to board the 4th bus 43 after elbowing away a few competitive ah nehs...phew!

Check out the crowd!

It took me 45mins to get from Serangoon to Punggol instead of the usual 12mins on the train...I still prefer to ride trains...its the only way to get out from ulu punggol fast!

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