Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Birthday celebration with Hubby at Kuriya Penthouse

Kuriya Penthouse is my fave restaurant of the year so I had planned to give hubby a treat at this place since 2 months ago. I made reservations with them via email and enquired about what they can do for birthday boy. They offered to custom make a small cake (choice of 3 flavors) with a short message at a reasonable price of $6.00++. They promised to make it a surprise for hubby. I chose the Lychee flavor over mango & chocolate cos hubby like fruity flavor stuffs. And so we waited for D day to come.

It is a warm and sunny day and I took a few shots of the roof top garden before entering the restaurant.

The rather small and intimate dining area...they have allocated a 'window seat' for us as requested on my email.

View from our table 

The only restaurant in SG to provide dedicated 'bag stool' for patrons...

The table setting...

The food menu...they have separate menus for food and drinks. Check my previous post for drinks menu photos and more photos of the entire restaurant.

For drinks, hubby picked a sweet Plum wine 八岐の梅酒 $8.00++ recommended by the staffs. He had it 'on the rock' and he enjoyed sipping it with the huge ball of ice.

                                               I had the Lime juice $4.50++, tasted alright..

For mains I chose the Noodle set $42.00++...choice of Udon (hot/cold) served with Starter, Assorted appetizer plate, Tekka maki, Assorted tempura, Chawanmushi, Dessert & Coffee/Tea.

The starter of the day was Edamame tofu...nice and light taste with soy sauce and wasabi.

My assorted appetizer plate consists of 5 items and a special sauce.

Edamame, prawn and tamago. One word to describe it...fresh!

Fried fish cubes in japanese vinegar...fish was deep fried so it was a bit hard...tasted good with the vinegar sauce which isn't sour at all...nice.

Salmon sashimi...fresh too!

Tori karaage...the chicken was crispy and juicy, not overcooked. The broccoli has a special beany tasting paste on top..yummy too.

Potato salad...has ample topping of tobiko...yums.

Tuna Tekka maki 鉄火巻...the tuna is fresh but I find that they put in a little too much wasabi...I'm not a fan of wasabi so I didn't enjoy this dish as much. Hubby loves it.

Assorted tempura, fresh ingredients were used so the veggies were crunchy and still moist inside. I especially liked the sweet potato tempura...it is very sweet. The Ebi was fresh and juicy too...great dish.

My Udon in hot soup....the udon is not the typical thick and chewy type sold in supermarkets. This one seem to be handmade as the thinner strands of noodle varies in thickness. I only had this once when in Japan. The udon was springy and smooth in texture, the soup has the light japanese soy taste and blends well with the simple garnishes of egg strips and spring onions. Another satisfying dish!

The Chawanmushi, smooth and soft steam egg custard with mushroom, chicken and prawn meat...nicely done.

Last but not least, our Dessert of the day...Fresh fruits with jelly and custard pudding & mini Lychee mousse cake. The pudding was quite buttery so I didn't finish it but I polished off the rest.

 The bite sized Lychee mousse cake was not very sweet...not bad.

Hubby's food choice Beef shabu shabu set $45.00++, served with Starter, 2 kinds of Sashimi, Chawanmushi, Miso soup, rice & pickles, dessert and coffee/tea.

2 kinds of sashimi

Pickles, sesame dipping sauce & miso soup

Beef slices with vege 

Smokin' hot...

Hubby's verdict...the beef was good, very tender and the soup base was nice as well. He polished off everything in the set meal too.

Now comes the surprise...the customized birthday cake...drum roll....

Tata...the cake arrives with a sculpted ice-dome cover over it...looks very impressive! My money well spent...grin :D

The customized birthday message 

Top view 

We broke the ice to get to the cake...this lychee cake is the same one as the Dessert of the day..with extra fruits topping and a white chocolate birthday message.

After having the cake, we finished off the meal with a cup of coffee.

Another excellent dining experience with Kuriya Penthouse...I wished I could say we will be back again but the restaurant is ceasing its operations on 15 June 2013. So sad to see it go :(

Kuriya Penthouse 

Lunch: 12:00pm – 2:30pm
Dinner: 6:30pm – 10:00pm

#12-02 Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road
Singapore 238896

Tel: 6509 4222
Email: penthouse@kuriya.com.sg
Website: http://www.kuriyapenthouse.com.sg

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