Sunday, January 1, 2017

Cafe Hopping along Neil Road - Epiphyte & Apiary

Met up with friend to check out two new cafes along the hip Neil road. We first got our lunch fix at Epiphyte Restaurant & Bar, a garden theme cafe with its signature 'Galaxy' cake that has created quite a buzz on the instagram.

The unassuming entrance led us into a nicely decorated modern cafe with lovely garden elements adorning the entire space. Flower lovers should check out the little vertical garden at the back.

Some pretty desserts on display...we checked with the staffs and they were pleased to inform us that we could single out the individual dessert items we prefer to have from the display. Every item here was handmade and looks slightly different from one another.

But first, we gotta eat lunch before thinking about the desserts. We each ordered a main course and shared one appetizer. The Crispy Calamari $10++, came as a surprise cos we were totally expecting deep fried calamari rings instead of these. And these tasted good 👍👍👍 , the springy squid had a slight crisp on its exterior, very nicely done.

My Chicken w/ Indonesian Spices $22++ was delicious 👍👍, reminds me of the Balinese cuisine we had in Bali, Indonesia. I enjoyed it very much. My friend had the eye catching Pink Risotto $22++, this creamy dish got its lovely pink color from beetroot, nice. She wiped the plate clean in no time 👍👍.

Once we're done with the mains, it's desserts time. The Twilight $12++ and Terrarium $12++ (add $3++ for rum) are the two most instagramed desserts here. They looked really appealing on lens but do they taste good as well?

Well, the verdict was we liked the Galaxy cake better than the Moss garden sponge. The former was a chocolate mousse cake with orange liquor which was really nice 👍. The later was just very dry and didn't taste any better after pouring in the rum 👎. Both were too overpriced for such small serving.

Lunch was great at Epiphyte, despite having a limited menu, we still found the main dishes reasonably priced and delicious. The desserts on the other hand were more for instagram purposes only, if you go in a group just order one for the camera is enough 😅

Epiphyte Restaurant & Bar
47 Neil Rd S088827
Phone: 9451 8873

Mon - Thu : 4pm - 12am
Fri : 4pm - 1am
Sat : 11am - 1am

Since we did not get our sweet tooth satisfied from our lunch venue, it's a perfect excuse to check out the artisan ice cream served at Apiary just across the street. They do have some interesting flavors on offer, with intriguing names too.

I had two scoops in a cup ($7.20) while my friend ordered one scoop on a cone ($3.80 + $1 for cone). I also ordered a cup of Hot Chocolate $6. My Ferrero Rocher and Thai Ice Tea ice cream were good, especially the Rocher one 👍👍, so yummy! My friend's Despicable ice cream was a blend of banana, walnut and brownie...great choice for Minion fans. The smooth creamy texture of these specialty ice cream is worth a mention though.

Lastly, my Hot chocolate did not disappoint as it was really 'gao' and super chocolaty despite its ordinary looks 👍

We were quite pleased with our dessert session at Apiary, I hope they can survive the tough competition and come out with more interesting flavors to stay in the game!

84 Neil Road S088844
Tel: 6493 7273

Sun - Thu 12pm to 10pm
Fri - Sat 12pm to 12am

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