Monday, April 21, 2014

Hifumi @Plaza Singapura

It's been one year since I last patronized Hifumi. The last visit was a pleasant one, food was above average and prices are very pocket friendly.

Food replicas on display...pretty much same as those I saw last year. Free flow Appetizers are still available for every set meal ordered.

The clean and zenish interiors...

The Appetizer Bar, and the spread available for today.

Japanese pumpkin, vegetables & pork belly stew 

Boiled Japanese yam 

Salad & Pickles 

Sweet potato fries & some root veggies 


Rice crispies 


There's also a red bean dessert at the Appetizer bar, so essentially you get free flow appetizers, soup and dessert for just ordering a set meal.

Option to top up $2.99++ for free flow beverages or $7.99++ for free flow beer, irresistible deal!

My Chicken Curry set $13.99++, comes with a whole chicken drumstick with thigh,  half egg and assorted veggies. Served with Japanese flavored rice (Takikomi Gohan).

Serving portion was quite filling. The curry gravy was rather tasty, thick and flavorful. Chicken was very meaty but not evenly cooked though. The veggies and egg were nicely done. I love eating the flavored rice, it has got minced meat, beans, mushrooms and some carrot bits in it...yums.

My Appetizers plate and Chawanmushi.

I had the pork belly stew, pumpkins, yam, sweet potato fries and pickles. I was satisfied with every one of them. Pumpkin and sweet potato were naturally sweet, yam was mushy and pork belly stew was flavorful...delish.

Chawanmushi was good, silky smooth with no visible air bubbles which means they sieved it properly during preparations. There is mushroom and crabstick inside, not bad.

Last but not least, dessert. Red bean soup with glutinous rice balls and Japanese chestnut. This was good as well.

I was filled to the brim at the end of the meal. Dining at Hifumi is truly Value for money, the total bill came out to be $20 after ++. Food quality was above average and worth the price paid. You can hardly find another restaurant in SG that lets you eat till heart content at only 20 bucks!

Hifumi Japanese Restaurant
Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road #04-68, Singapore 238839
Tel: +65 6338 4712

Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10:00pm

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  1. This Feb 2015, I personally witnessed a live cockroach crawling ON the table between the plates of food as the customers were still seated at the table eating. I informed a filipino manager. I saw him nonchalantly use a wet tissue to catch it, then leaving the customers to continue eating. A cockroach was also spotted darting between the containers at the buffet counter. A woman manager later offered to void the order so that we do not need to pay for lunch with cockroach. I read of a similar incident on Hifumi's facebook. It appears that this restaurant is pest infested.