Thursday, April 24, 2014

Redeeming Birthday Dessert at MOF Izakaya @Nex

Its my birthday month, and as a MOF Citizen we're entitled to redeem one complimentary dessert of value up to $8.80++ at any MOF/Lenas outlets.

MOF & Lenas menus

I ordered a Nabe Udon & Tempura Moriwase set $19.80++, Udon soup served in a hotpot with assorted tempura fritters, potato salad & pickles.

The udon soup comes with a runny egg yolk, crabstick and lotsa seaweed. The noodle was quite springy and taste great with the creamy egg yolk and savory seaweed in a light broth.

Assorted tempura plate has got two fresh and succulent prawns and mixed vegetable fritters. I have to say although MOF is not known to serve extremely good Jap food but their tempura items never fail to please me. The batter is well coated but not overly thick and yet super crispy with every bite...delish!

The potato salad with mayo dressing was not too bad as well...

Matcha Kurian $8.80++, softserve ice cream with matcha syrup with mochi balls, red bean paste, mixed fruits, red bean matcha ice cream and kanten jelly (locally known as agar agar).

The serving portion seem to have shrank in size, especially the height of the softserve was reduced significantly from what I've eaten last year. However, the introduction of the red bean wrapped in matcha ice cream made up in terms of taste, the sweet azuki beans and the creamy matcha complimented each other perfectly...yums.

I ordered the exact same dessert last year, and it looks like this...can you see the difference?

My Member's free drink (valid once per day), Hot Ocha served on a warmer. I don't know the price since I always drink this for free :p

This hearty meal only cost me $20.95 after ++, as the dessert and drink is free and the set meal has 10% member discount, can't complain right?

Lenas/MOF Izakaya
Nex, 23 Serangoon Central, #02-04/05/06 S556083
Tel: 6634 4608

Sun - Thu: 1130 - 2230h
Fri & Sat: 1130 - 2300h

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