Wednesday, April 2, 2014

iLight Marina Bay 2014

We went on the day before the Earth Hour event to avoid the crowd. There's a total of 28 Light Art installations but due to time constraint we only managed to see A1-14 & B14. Some of the installations at B side were quite far apart and more time consuming to visit them all.

We kicked started with B14, Celebration of Life by Justin Lee. It was a 5mins light show projected onto the Art Science Museum building...nice!

After viewing B14, we took a short stroll along MBS to A1 and passed by the temporary food street setup by Pasarbella.

A1, Beat by ARUP Singapore

A2, The Wishing! Tree by The Livingi Project


A4, Happy Croco by Bibi

A5, Bedazzled by MEINHARDT Light Studio

I missed out A6-A7, walked pass without realizing :p

A8, #WeHeartLight by Light Collective

A9, JouJou Ours by Uno Lai 

A10, Floating Hearts by TRAVESIAS DE LUZ

A11, **Insert Caption Please by RYF Zaini

A12, The Guardian Angels by MARO AVRABOU & DIMITRI XENAKIS

A13 was 'Out of order', so we proceeded to A14, The Pool by JEN LEWIN Studio

Some shots of the MBS daily light show at Marina Bay before we call it a day!

The iLight Festival has ended on 30 March.

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