Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Menu at Nana's Green Tea

I'm back again at Nana's after I spotted new food items on display at their entrance.

The restaurant was already crowded at 5.40pm as school holidays has begun. Lotsa youngsters having desserts here.

I got a table after about 10mins wait. They have a brand new menu with bigger and better pictures. Check out their new Hamburg rice sets and Millet rice bowls.

As I don't eat beef, I decided to try the new Millet rice bowls. Millet rice is a healthy version of Japanese rice with 10 kinds of grains/cereals mixed with polished white rice. It is high in dietary fiber and contains extra minerals and vitamins that's good for the body.

Chicken Nanban Don $15.80++, has a crispy fried chicken fillet topped with Jap tartar sauce and served with fresh greens on millet rice. All rice bowls come with miso soup.

The Chicken Nanban was quite delish. Although the tartar sauce is not as good as the one from Tsukada Nojo, I still like the well marinated crispy chicken meat. The fresh greens complimented the chicken fillet well too. The millet rice beneath tasted very good, it was still soft and fluffy despite the multi-grains mix. Thumbs up.

Tori Karaage Salad $6.80++, crispy fried chicken nuggets on top of assorted veggies and hard boiled eggs. This is served with a choice of Japanese dressings, and I picked my fave sesame dressing to go with the salad.

The chicken nuggets were well marinated and crispy. Veggies were freshly chopped and taste fabulous with the yummy sesame dressing. Portion was quite ample for a $6+ dish.

Azuki Shiratama Soft Cream Latte $8.50++. I love this dessert-drink! The sweet and creamy latte was filled with robust flavor of Jap azuki beans and the Soft Serve ice cream simply makes this drink divine..slurp!

I'm rather satisfied with the new dishes at Nana's. I will come back again to try more dishes.

Nana's Green Tea
Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road #03-80/82 (The Atrium) S238839
Tel: 6684 4312

Opening hours
Mon to Sun: 1100 - 2200

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