Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dinner at Fullhouse Signature, Clarke Quay

Some of us had been wanting to try Fullhouse Signature since it open some time ago. We had a good dining experience at the former Fullhouse @Rendezvous Hotel and wanted to see if this new themed restaurant can deliver that same experience.

The restaurant is located at level 2 of Block 3A, at the pink color section.

The lift lobby and staircase to level 2 is kinda hard to find for first time visitors. Do look out for this entrance at the blue color section just a few steps after Tomo Izakaya.

The less impressive entrance without the colorful Mini Cooper.

A photo taking corner with the 'T' family backdrop and stuffs to hold for group photos.

The 'Living Room' dining area which looks kinda empty. The same sort of Victorian inspired decor can be found here but with much less 'homely' layout as compared to the former Fullhouse which has a more complete 'Dream House' setting with Bedroom & wardrobe area, Balcony area, Reading Room area, Kitchen & Dining Room etc.

The other half of the restaurant is the 'Garden' area which had been reserved for a private party event, so we're confined to the Living room only...bummer!

Some cute looking merchandise on sale at the corners of the Living room.

The menu which has an extensive selection of starters/appetizers, main courses, desserts and drinks. Prices are leaning on the steep side.

As usual, we ordered several appetizers for sharing and one main course each.

Golden Crab Meatballs $11++, served with a cream cheese dip along with an eye catching presentation.

The crab balls were delicious, with a nice and crispy breaded coating, packed with savory crab meat filling. Not the best I've eaten but this will be the best dish I had for the night.

Deep Fried Calamari w/ Wasabi Mayo dip $12++. This was just so so only, nothing to shout about.

Salmon Sashimi Wrap w/ 'Alaska Crab Meat' $18++, this should have been Salmon wrap w/ crab stick instead...I seriously doubt that those crab sticks were from Alaska!

This tasted ok, the salmon was rather fresh and the mayo and flying fish roe topping was good as well. However, the hard boiled egg at the bottom was bland...it was either under-seasoned or not seasoned at all. I would save the $18 for something else.

Crunchy Cheese Sticks $11++, had a nice plating with a unique looking giant spoon. Feedback from cheese lovers were mostly positive for this dish.

My choice of main course, Seafood Paradise w/ Mango Cream sauce $39++. This was my biggest mistake of the night. The slipper lobster was tiny and the 'tiger prawns' were even tinier. The scallops and mussels was of decent size but were not really very fresh. Mango cream sauce was overly sweet and the mashed potato was tasteless...definitely not worth its $39 price tag!

My friend's Organic Beef Tenderloin $49++, no complains from her.

Fullhouse Club Sandwich $21++, my friend's little girl had this and she seemed to enjoyed it, so I reckon its not bad. But visually, the serving portion was lacking for a $20+ dollars dish.

My drink, Watermelon Lychee juice $7++, my best order of the day. The fresh squeezed watermelon was sweet and refreshing with hints of lychee flavor...slurp!

Something strange happened with the first glass served to me. The glass shattered into pieces while I was trying to take a photo of it. The staffs quickly made another one for me.

My friend's complimentary Champagne, the restaurant manager had offered this to her for finding broken glass bits in her Mojito.

Our dining experience here did not went as well as I've hoped. Food is pricey and of inferior quality, ambiance did not impress and service was slow (staffs were tied up with the private event on the other side!). Sadly the supposedly Fullhouse experience was only 'Half'house at best.

Fullhouse Signature 
3A River Valley Road #A-02-04, Clarke Quay S179020
Tel: 63380885

Opening hours:
Sun to Thu: 1130 - 0100
Fri to Sat: 1130 - 0300

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