Monday, February 24, 2014

Dinner at So Pho @NEX

With many eateries ceasing operations from Dec last year, new dining concept restaurants started appearing in place of the old ones. The first Vietnamese restaurant at Nex opens its doors early this year selling popular eats from Saigon. I love the modern and brightly lit interiors of this new restaurant.

Simple table settings with order chit for patrons to write down their orders and hand them over to the waiting staffs.

The menu has a selection of about 60 food and drink items with clear indications of the popular items with a red star, as well as chef's recommendation items. Dishes are rather reasonably priced with most main courses costing approx $9.80++, Viet style baguettes (Banh Mi) are sold at $5.90++ each. There is also one vegetarian option in almost every food category.

For drink, I picked the Salty King $4.50++, a plum flavored soda with a ball of salty plum in it. It was sweet and salty and fizzy...not bad at all. Do note that they charge $0.30++ for ice water here (refillable).

My main course Grilled Lemongrass Chicken noodle w/ Spring rolls $9.80++, served in a huge peach shaped bowl...portion was pretty generous. The lemongrass chicken was done just right with nice flavoring and juicy tender meat. The spring rolls were good too with yummy filling marinated with Viet spices. The dish also comes with generous portion of fresh lettuce and a bunch of pickled shredded carrot/radish...these provided a good balance to the rich tasting grilled meat. I like it!

I also ordered a Sesame Rice Crackers w/ basil leaves Chicken $10.80++ as appetizer, and boy the cracker was huge! The crispy cracker loaded with black sesame seeds was very fragrant even eaten on its own. The minced chicken dip with crunchy peanuts was utterly yummy, I was blown away by its wok hei aroma usually present in well cooked chinese dishes...thumbs up for this dish! 

I ordered takeaways on other occasions and the food didn't disappoint as well...

Grilled Chicken Banh Mi w/ chicken pate $5.90++. The baguette was soft, not crispy, served with generous portion of tender grilled chicken meat, pickled carrot/radish, fresh lettuce and topped with mayonnaise. I enjoyed munching on this very much.

Vietnamese Seafood fried rice $9.80++, it tastes similar to our local sambal fried rice, mildly spicy with fresh squid and prawn meat, quite nice.

Mixed Appetizers (consists of prawn cakes, summer rolls & spring rolls) $10.80++, I liked everything accept for the rice paper summer rolls which has overpowering basil leave taste with tasteless vermicelli and blanched prawn...very weird.

I'm pretty pleased with this new find at Nex and will be back to try more dishes!

So Pho
Serangoon NEX, #B1-15, S556083
Tel: 6636 8195

Opening Hours 
Daily 11:00am – 10:00pm

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