Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dinner at 韓食 Hansik Korean Restaurant

Met up with sista at Kovan Heartland mall who is passing her homemade CNY goodies to me. She suggested dinner at this tiny Korean restaurant located at level 2.

Space between tables are pretty tight, I would not recommend this place for large scale gatherings. This place is more suitable for intimate groups of 2-6pax max. Some of the waiting staffs are Koreans, they speak good english. They have chinese speaking staffs as well.

This place provides complimentary Korean barley tea..

We ordered a Korean Army Stew and 3 smaller dishes to share among 3 persons. First up, the usual serving of assorted homemade appetizers. They were a refreshing start to the meal. I love to eat the Korean bean sprouts, mashed potato and spicy kimchi.

BBQ spicy pork belly $20++, marinated pork belly were prepared by staff and freshly grilled before serving to our table. Probably cos of the space constrain, customers are not required to cook the meats themselves. The freshly grilled pork slices were cut on the spot upon serving. I kinda like this arrangement.

The pork belly weren't exactly very spicy but certainly well marinated and full flavored. They were cooked just right with fragrantly charred exterior and tender juicy center...I enjoyed munching this delicious meat with and without the provided lettuce.

Seafood pancake $12++, pan fried to perfection with crisp edges and soft center, enveloping generous serving of fresh prawn, squid and veggies...wonderful dish!

Kimchi kimbap $7++, this was delish too. The rice was firm and had a nice chew to it, and the spicy kimchi has got the right amount of flavor to spice up the rice rolls...yums.

The main dish, Korean Army Stew Budae Jjigae hotpot $36++. This was cooked on the spot by skillful staff and left to stew for a couple of mins before serving. 

We waited in anticipation...

When the wait was finally over, we dig in and discovered the myriad of ingredients inside this hotpot dish. There were pieces of pork, hotdog, luncheon meat, nian gao, noodles, baked beans, tofu, kimchi and other much goodness in a single pot! All the ingredients were fresh and well flavored by the thick and spicy broth. An extremely satisfying dish.

We love dining at Hansik, this tiny eatery has quite a bit to offer for the discerning diners. No wonder meal times are always crowded, they have snaky queue even on weekday evenings. Staffs are all well trained and prompt with attending to diners need. Food is of good quality and reasonably priced. I would recommend this place for all Korean food lovers.

韓食 Hansik Korean Restaurant
205 Hougang Street 21 #02-00 Heartland Mall, S530205
Tel: 6288 2448

Opening Hours:
Mon.-Sun. 11:00–22:00

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