Friday, August 30, 2013

Delicious food from The Asian Kitchen 鹿港小镇 @Nex

I have been ordering takeaways from this small restaurant thrice and so far dishes I tried (especially the signature items) were very delish. So I'm just gonna share my reviews here...

On top of the Must Try list is their Taiwanese Eggy Bowl rice (滷肉飯) $6.50++

This is super delicious, the minced pork was well marinated and stewed with minced mushrooms till very soft. Every spoonful of this was melt in the mouth goodness. The rice comes with a whole braised egg and chestnuts too...yum yum.

Roast Pork $13.80++
Their roast pork is very good! It was prepared in a rounded shape and roasted like that. One serving is good enough to share for 2pax. There is alot of lean meat and not too much fatty meat but the lean meat is tender, not tough. I really enjoyed the crispy crackling skin...thumbs up.

Roast duck original flavor $11.70++
The duck is nice, very meaty and skin was thin and not too much fatty layer underneath. Although the skin is no longer crispy by the time I consume it but it is easy to bite, not chewy. The portion is quite big too, good enough for 2pax to share.

Pork Garlic Stew $9.90++
Stew roast pork belly with leek and garlic. This was quite nice as well. The pork belly was quite lean and was stewed till pretty soft and tender. The whole garlic and leek provides a nice aroma to the dish.

Salted egg yolk french beans $8.20++
I love everything cooked with salted egg yolk and this is the first time I'm trying french beans cooked this way. It didn't disappoint, fresh crunchy beans tasted good with the creamy and salty sauce.

Treasure pot tofu $7.90++
This dish is rather ordinary, egg tofu was cooked with sugar peas and mushrooms. Sauce is light and simple...not bad.

Lu Gang fried rice $9.90++
Egg fried rice with prawn meat and chinese sausage...prawns were fresh, the chinese sausages gives the dish a subtle sweetness. Quite delish as well.

Service here was decent, they have both mandarin and english speaking staffs to cater to different guests. Their signature roast duck comes in a few other flavors and I'm gonna try them all someday.

The Asian Kitchen 鹿港小镇
NEX, 23 Serangoon Central #B1-73/74, S556083
Tel: 6634 8726

Opening Hours: 
Mon to Sun: 1130 - 2200

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