Thursday, August 8, 2013

Au Chocolat again..

This is my third time here..we absolutely love the food and service here, and we're back to enjoy the Wednesday Waffle promo (2nd waffle at half price).

Our reserved table

There's currently a National Day special menu 'Singapore Flavors' all day set meals.

And also current promo for month of Aug, Foie Gras for $5 with every main course ordered (Mon-Wed only).

My Banana Boost $12.00++, a blend of White chocolate and banana puree...this is nice, I can taste the real banana and its sweetness plus the smoothness of the creamy white chocolate and whip cream..yums.

My friends' drinks...Hot Chocolate fudge $10.00++ and Taiwanese lychee beer $12.00++. The lychee beer has a strong lychee aroma!

As usual, we ordered some sides to share..

The Sweet Potato fries $12.00++ was good, crispy on the outside and very soft and mushy and sweet inside! Mushroom bites $14.00++ was yummy as usual.

We ordered 5 sets of Foie gras $5.00++ together with our mains.

The liver was not well cooked, some parts were still raw and the edges were burnt. The quality of the liver was not as good as the ones served at Chef d' table, but for only $5, we can't really complain ya..

My main course, California smoked salmon sandwich $20.00++. Generous serving of chilled smoked salmon slices served with half avocado, hard boiled egg, lettuce, plump tomato and red onion slices with honey mayo dressing. The toast was well prepared with caramelized side being very crispy but bread is still soft and fluffy...a very delish sandwich. The thick cut french fries were good as usual.

My friend's Handmade Pacific Crab cake $32.00++, look at the lovely presentation! I had a bite of the crab was very delicious, better than the 10Scotts ones.

It's dessert time...we enquired about the waffle promo but the serving stuff told us that it is only available at the Confiserie, we'll have to walk over there to eat it...what a disappointment! So we have to make do with just one Kalamansi tart $9.00++ and a Cookies & cream brownie $5.00++ for sharing.

The Kalamansi tart was quite nice, the tangy and sourish lime cream blends well with the sweet and creamy torched meringue topping...the tart base was very hard though.

The brownie tasted ok but it was very dry...disappointed.

Our total bill came up to be $300+, and my friend gets to bring home an OO plushie for free (spend $200 and get one OO free).

OO plushies

Food and service standard maintained, the desserts are however still a hits and misses affair. We will be back again to try other food.

Au Chocolat Pte Ltd. 
Bay Level L1-03, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Bistro +65 6688 7227
Confiserie +65 6688 7557

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